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    Congrats on getting in to the program! I can't wait to hear how it goes!
    It's nice to know that experienced nurses think it's a great school.

    I've tried calling to ask them about having someone drop off the application for me but I still haven't heard back- I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    I totally feel your pain with pharmacology. It was WAY harder than any of the classes I had to take for my B.S. which definitely surprised me. Yikes, I hope I don't have to take it again if they start only accepting Saddleback's course.

    Thanks for the info and good luck!

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    Thanks for the quick and helpful response! Good luck in June!

    Please help us out Saddleback students, I'm curious too! : )

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    I'm also curious to hear what people think of Saddleback's program. They've got a great NCLEX pass rate.
    Jessie88, when you applied did you have to submit the application in person? I live in northern California so this would mean 12+ hours in the car for me and I'm not really sure what the point is. Do they talk to you about your application when you turn it in? Thanks!

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    StarBelly, I'm in the same boat so I totally feel your pain. Apparently the psych class I took doesn't count but somehow it took them 4 months to let me know...arrg! The good news is Lizzie sent out and email saying the Fall application due date was extended until April 1st so you can still apply. Good luck!

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    Hey everyone,
    Congrats to all that were accepted! I just got a letter saying my application was incomplete- needless to say I'm a little shocked and upset. I've tried calling ALL the counselors and none have picked up. I took a psychology course at UCSC with a course description emphasizes that it is both life-span and focused on development yet they still did not accept it. Anyone mind sharing what psych course they took so I can compare? Thanks!

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    Although I'm not yet a nurse I can completely relate to the anxiety you're feeling. The whole pre-nursing process and knowing that I have SO much to learn still has given me some serious anxiety that I'm still grappling with. This may be irrelevant to you b/c we're in such different places in a nursing career but here are some things that have helped me so far-

    - Constantly remind yourself that no one knows everything, especially those new grads (even if they pretend to)! This is one of the awesome things about nursing: you are constantly learning new things, adapting, keeping your brain young. Embrace it and try not be be scared of it. Don't be afraid to admit when you don't know/remember something and need help. Many people will appreciate that you have the guts to do this.

    - Spend at least half an hour before you go to work doing something you absolutely love be it reading, exercising, cooking, etc to get yourself in a more relaxed state.

    - Echoing Rabbitgirrl, know that you come from a place of good intentions. You are only one person. The best thing you can do is act in a genuine way that you can feel good about when you get home.

    - This one is probably going to seem weird but it's helped me a lot. Go on Amazon or to your local library and get some kind of guided meditation CD to listen to before you go to bed. I really like "Dynamic Intuition" by Laura Day. Sounds odd but it's really relaxing and helps you think through problems in a peaceful way instead of tearing your hair out.

    Hope this helps!

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    Awesome thanks! For some reason I thought you had to already be accepted to be eligible.

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    Anyone else concerned about not making the March 2nd deadline for the California FAFSA? Tried calling and emailing both Lizzie and the counseling office to ask them whether they expect us to get our letters in time but no one has responded. I will probably apply even if I haven't heard yet but I'm not sure how the government verifies our enrollment and what will happen if I wasn't accepted. Anyone know how this works?

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    Thanks Rianna1 and iluvmusak! I'm so relieved to hear your perspectives- it's definitely encouraging. Good luck with the rest of the program!

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    Hey Mayrye,
    I'm right there with you- this waiting sucks! Did everyone get the email today about how they're not sending out letters until the first week of March? Acck! There are 48 seats available at each location (according to one of Lizzie's Q&A emails). I've been reading posts from previous years and it looks like the first 8 people or so on the waitlist usually get in. Since the economy is so bad right now the odds might be even better for our cohort so don't get too freaked out! Not sure how location priority fits into the ranking but I'm sure they'd let you know if you send them an email. Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone....

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    Hi everyone! Thank you for all the great information so far! For those of you who have mentioned that you use Reiki and other alternative approaches regularly, how exactly do you bring this up with a patient? Generally, how do people respond and are there subtle (and moral/ethical) ways you can encourage them to try it? Is it ever difficult to incorporate these techniques in a regular hospital setting because of time constraints/large workloads or co-workers/managers that are uncomfortable with alternative medicine? Any tips for getting around these issues? I appreciate the help!

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    Hi everyone! I know this thread hasn't been added to recently but I'm hoping a few of you are still around. Thanks for all the valuable info! I'm waiting to hear back about the June '09 ABSN program in San Mateo and reading your posts has made me a little nervous about the whole issue of class cohesion. I'm a friendly person and I definitely want to get to know everyone in my class (IF I get in) but group study has never worked for me. I don't want to offend anyone or miss out on getting to know my classmates but it is important to me do well in my classes and I simply don't retain information unless I study on my own. Does this mean this program is not a good choice for me? Is anyone who is currently in the program or a graduate also a more independent learner? What was your experience like? Do you have any advice for me? Thanks!

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    Thanks for all the info, guys! This is very reassuring. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you all!

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    Hi everyone!
    I also applied for the San Mateo location for June 2009 and my check was finally cashed a few days ago but still no word from them by email- arrg! I have a few questions so if anyone has any experience/thoughts it'd be much appreciated:

    - Has anyone else been a little freaked out by some of the threads here about how SM is totally disorganized and not worth the money (hatingthewaiting, I'd love some insight as to how true this is)? This is really giving me second thoughts. I applied to SM b/c my mom who is a nurse has told me SM graduates seem to be better prepared than most BUT she hasn't actually done patient care for a long time and it seems most people think SM has gone downhill in the past several years. This is a huge comittment money-wise and I don't want to be disappointed AND in debt.

    - I'm trying to get the ball rolling with financial aid even though I have no idea whether I'll be accepted or not. It seems like you need to already be accepted into a program for most scholarships and loan-givers to consider you. Many scholarship deadlines aren't until later in the year which means we may not receive the money until the last half of the program - this is very different from what I experienced during my first undergrad experience. How the heck does this work?

    Thanks for the help and I hope I'll be meeting you all in person in June!

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    that's great to know. i'm not so much concerned about the title of my position, more just my level of involvement so being a sub-I might acutally be better! thanks for the info!