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  • Sep 22 '09


    Congratulations again!

    When are you moving down here? What area are you planning on moving to? Mission Viejo? (I'm so nosy - I can't help it!)

    I ordered the study guide for the TEAS off of the ATI website & did fine.

    My paperwork sessions & orientation didn't seem like that long ago! I can't believe that I'm starting at the hospital this week already!!

  • Sep 22 '09

    Hi 2lroberts,

    I had friends who took the TEAS test and some thought it was hard and others though the opposite. But when I took the TEAS Test I thought it was pretty basic. The science section of my test had no anatomy .

    I took the test in April just to see how it is. I all nightered before the test and managed a score of 91.2%.

    I was pretty shocked and of course happy. haha...

    I hope you do well!

    Good luck!

    Quote from 2lroberts

    Thanks so much! SUPER exciting that you're starting at the hospital this week- I'm dying to hear how it goes when you've got time!

    I totally don't mind the nosy-ness. You're so nice for being interested! At the moment I have no idea when I will move down or where I will live....scary! Do you have any good suggestions for apartment/condo complexes that are affordable but nice and near the campus? I'd like to live in Mission Viejo because it seems a bit more affordable than most of the surrounding areas. What do you think?

    For the TEAS I ended up buying the ATI guide plus another Kaplan one since I've heard ATI doesn't cover the science portion very well. Probably overkill but it'd be horrible to fail and not be able to start the program! So far I feel ok about the material, I just need to review chemistry and physics since it's been a loooong time since I've thought about any of that stuff. Any tips you have would be great!

    I really appreciate all the help everyone has given on this forum- it was definitely the determining factor in my decision to go to Saddleback. You guys are the best!

  • Sep 22 '09

    Congrats 2lroberts and anyone else who made it in! So exciting

  • Feb 17 '09

    I'm in the Oakland ABSN program and usually study on my own. I do have a study group where we divie (sp?) up study guides and do group take home tests (if we are so lucky to get them). I prefer to study on my own too. There are some people that meet in groups and study for tests. It just depends on your style. There are so many different styles of learning and different types of classmates. Don't worry . . . you won't have trouble fitting in. Everyone is very supportive of each other.

  • Feb 17 '09

    I am in the April cohort. Everyone in our class studies on their own and I think it would be safe to say that we use group study as a tool and a way to bounce information off each other. I studied for exams on my own and if I felt the need to add a study group session, then I would.

  • Feb 17 '09

    I have been practcing Reiki for some time and it is my understanding that a person has to be open to receiving energy for it to work. Where I am, there are some hospitals that will not allow the staff to use alternative therapies. I would first find out if your place of employment has any concerns. If not, you could freely bring it up with patients as a mode of healing and explain the benefits. Hope that helps!

  • Mar 23 '08

    What type of research did you have in mind? Drug, clinical practice, etc? It really depends on the type of research involved.

  • Mar 23 '08

    I can say as far as drug trials go I have never seen a NP as PI. I have seen them frequently as Sub-I. There is even a research certification for non-MD investigators, CCTI. Being a Sub I, you could be less or even more involved than the PI on a trial. Often our Sub Is are the ones that see the patients, update the AEs, write the progress notes, order the chemo, etc. The PI is basically just the one who is responsible for the trial. Sometimes we just hunt them down for signatures and they often have little to do with the day to day operations of a trial.