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    The baby boomers are reaching retirement age and many will retire. However, many boomers plan on working well into their elderly years and are going on to get advanced degrees while in their 40s and 50s. I'm one of those people.

    On the other hand, as the population ages many of the boomers will experience failing health and develop chronic health conditions, requiring medical and nursing management. Some of these folks will be forced to retire because of their health problems. All of us in this age group hope that it won't happen to us, but genetics and lifestyle has a way of eventually slapping you in the face. These factors will probably contribute to a need for a larger nursing workforce in the future.

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    I can't see how your micro instructor could draw that conclusion because you had trouble with the microscope. That is totally ilogical. That conclusion reflects your instructors frustration, not your potential in becoming a nurse. You just needed to practice a little more with that scope to master it, as with any manual skill. Also, keep in mind that you probably will never use a microscope in your nursing career.

    You'll be practicing many manual skills in nursing school. Some of them will take a little time to master. But because you aren't very good at some particular skill at this time does not reflect on your potential to be a nurse. Many nurses have trouble with certain skills. One example is starting IVs. Some nurses just never get very good at that, so they may practice in an area that has few IV starts. With practice some of those nurses will eventually become good IV starters.

    What makes a nurse is intelligence, the ability to critically think and make sound decisions, a desire to learn and aquire new knowledge, a sound sense of ethics and compassion for people. If you have those qualities then skills needed to do your job as a nurse can be learned.

    I think that your micro instructor needs to learn to be a better teacher. She seems to get some satisfaction by saying rude things to students. Hang in there for now. Disregard the rudeness and just learn what you need from this class. Do your best in micro class to get a good grade. Soon you won't have to deal with this instructor any more.

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    Actually you did one less stupid thing than you thought . Number 6 is what you would want to do in order to assess strength in the affected arm of your patient with R hemiparesis.