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    Quote from racing-mom4
    It was not through unemployment per say, but I went to the unemployment office, because they were the initial source for the program, it is a state assisted program and the local unemployment office is where i did my initial paperwork and was assigned a case worker. It had something to do with continuing education. I used all of their money for tuition, minus the thousand I held back for supplies, but I know others used some of their money for gas cards to get back and forth from home to school.
    Log on to your states home page and look up continuing education, or call your local unemployment office and inquire about any grants/funds for continuing education.

    Also I can not stress enough to call your schools financial aide dept, they can point you in the direction of lots of funding.

    Thank you very much I will call today. Getting financial aid is just horrible for me though. My mother makes to much money for me to qualify for any but I don't even live near her. I support myself entirely however, the government still has me as if I was under her care. I have to have a child of be married or be 23? Don't quote me on the age but it's somthing to that effect.

    Either way thank you very much for the help I will take anything I can get and run with it!

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    Quote from smileyRn96
    [ I don't have alot of time to research either because I work full time and go to school full time. Are there any nurses or students that may know of where or what I can do?

    Start by taking ownership of your future. It is cool that people can post and ask questions of others r/t nursing, but your statement rubs me the wrong way. Nurse's have worked and continue to work very hard to get into CRNA school , to complete school and to maintain the profession despite the expenditure of time and energy.

    I am well aware of hard work. I actually don't know of many 21 year olds who live by themselves and support themselves entirely while also going to school and maintaing a 3.9 GPA.

    If I didn't own my future I would be partying everyday like most of the 21 year olds I know rather then busting my but to just eat a $1 hot dog. Your old enough to be a mother if you are currently not. I would have thought that you would have seen how hard I am working rather then criticising someone you don't even know. I never complain about my situation or ask for pitty or even help. So if I ask a question and can get help which is why most of us are here please don't judge me or make a comment that doesn't even pertain to my question because it didn't help at all.

    However, even criticism is welcomed. I guess I need to get fuel somehow.

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    Quote from ICUDOUCME?
    What is your current major? If it's not nursing, then you have to begin by going to nursing school. You will have to check with your college to see if you can get into their program or one near where you live.

    Then you have to work as a critical care nurse for at least one year before applying to nurse anesthesia school. Do a search on this web site, you will find tons of threads related to this topic.

    Good Luck
    My major is nursing I'll graduate within the next year hopefully all of your tips will help me find a school soon! Thank you

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    Quote from Ehope
    Hi there,

    I'm not trying to sound mean, but how did you manage to not find ANY school with a CRNA program? Do you maybe mean that you can't find one in your area?

    Anyhow, go to, click on "becoming a CRNA" scroll down to "accredited programs". You can search schools by state.

    BTW, you can't apply to CRNA school directly after finishing your BSN b/c you have to work for a minimum of 1yr (usually 2) in an ICU. The AANA website has information on that as well.

    Good luck.

    No don't worry I should have been more specific. I'm looking for a school in New Jersey or New York but have so far only found 1 in New York. I don't think I'd be able to commute any further without moving. Thank you though that website seems extremely helpful I am going to go on it now.

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    Quote from tonyccrn

    give a little more information and you might get some specific answers. are you currently a nursing student? if so, just do a search on google for anesthesia schools you should have no problem finding them

    Yes I am a nursing student. I actually tried to google it, yahoo it even it and it just keeps bringing me to doctors or schools that are not in state. I'm going to use the websites the other prople posted though. Thank you

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    Quote from PMFB-RN
    What you should be looking for is a job in an ICU. The larger the better. To apply to CRNA school it is required that you have a least 1 year of critical care experience, usually 2 is preferred.
    You can go here to find a school:

    Thank you I am going to go on the website right now

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    Thank you I'm actually having a reallyhard time trying to find money to pay for school. I work full time but because I'm 21 and live on my own everything is super expensive. Car insurance, rent, car, etc, etc. How exactly did you get money from unemployment even though you had a job?

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    I am currently a student and will be obtaining my bachelors degree within the next year. I am trying to find a good school to go to so that I can continue my studies in order to become a nurse anesthetist, the only problem is that I can not find ANY! I don't have alot of time to research either because I work full time and go to school full time. Are there any nurses or students that may know of where or what I can do? I'm positive that this is what I'd like to do, I'm just uncertain of how to get to my goal. Any help is appreciated.
    Thank you