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    I'm new to this forum and would like to know if anyone has any helpful advice/constructive criticism into pursuing my future dream of becoming a CRNA.

    My past experience/education....I obtained a BS in Health & Wellness at 22 yoa and realized quickly that nobody would hire me with that degree so hence I moved on to pursue a MHA. During this time I was employed as a dialysis tech and also worked per diem/on call on a transplant recovery team performing the surgical recovery of tissue for transplant/research.

    After graduating with my MHA at 24 I was hired as a coordinator for a hospital system to manage disability and workers comp claims. I spent 2 years here and although this was great experience I always felt there was something missing. I wanted to gain more clinical knowledge and had always thought about nursing school. I was still employed on the recovery team during this time in order to keep my feet wet in the clinical arena.

    At 26 I finally decided to pursue a BSN which took me 2 years. At 28 after graduating nursing school my fiancé and I moved out of state (for his job) and I started working in a level 3 NICU. 15 months later I decided I needed a change. Ethically I had a hard time dealing with many of the issues in this inter-city NICU. It was great experience and I have no regrets...I was even asked to precept 10 months into my employment which was a successful experience. There was/is a HIGH turnover in this unit with many internal issues...I will leave it there.

    In February I started a new position within the same healthcare system at an affiliate hospital in the OR. I want to be sure I like the OR environment from a nursing aspect prior to pursuing CRNA. I am truly excited about this new career path and can't say enough about the staff/educators. So far it is a very stimulating environment with high morale. The orientation is about 1 year in length. We do not float to PACU as they have their own staff. Although I am considering obtaining ACLS in about 6 months even though its not a requirement.

    My question is whether or not I'm heading in the right direction for a possible future in CRNA??? I've researched many of the admission requirements but would like to know if anyone out there has similar experience and was excepted into a CRNA program?