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  • Mar 15 '12

    Well, if you are offering bacon planks, I'll bite.

    I have a fantastic preceptor and work on a really great floor. Being new where I am is not a sin and my questions both flow freely and are answered freely. My mistakes and forgetting of details are both handled matter-of-factly and with professional patience. I love the situation I am in for learning. I love that thus far the "eating their young" part has not happened for me.

    I love it when I am able to be a conduit for a patient with a terrible new diagnosis to go from feeling helpless, scared and angry to a place where they are starting to come to terms with their diagnosis and are open to learning how to help themselves. I love it when I earn the trust of my patients and when I earn the trust of their family members. I love it when I have a patient who has been tense, unhappy and flat actually smile at me or even laughs with me over something.

    I love it when I face down a personal demon (ie: trach care scared me to death. Had my first fresh trach this week.) and find that I am capable and competent. I love it when the peices start coming together and things I didn't know or easily forgot start to become base knowledge in my mind.

    I love it when my patients thank me. That's better for my spirit than any paycheck could ever be.

    And I love love love nursing humor. Belonging to this profession makes me happy.

  • Mar 15 '12

    sorry to bother you at home doctor, but could we get an order for a stat ekg for room 302?

  • Mar 15 '12

    after 6 failed attempts to pass the nclex, jack wasn't going to leave anything to chance.