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    I work in a level 1 small community hospital. We do approx. 450 deliveries a year. We try to staff our labor patients 1:1 when we can. Once a patient is 6 cm, we have 1:1 staffing. If the patient has an epidural, we definately have 1:1. To meet all our assessment requirements-this is a must!! We usually have 1:1 with Pitocin inductions. Sometimes we may take 2 pts. with an initial Pitocin induction until one of them is in active labor. I know we are lucky to be able to provide such staffing. To be able to meet AWHONN fetal monitoring assessment requirements AND provide labor support adequately--1:1 is a must.

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    When I worked as a nurse manager in our OB unit, I did not discriminate against anyone because of their age. Infact, your age, maturity, and life experience can be a big plus in obtaining a job. If you can not find a job on an OB unit, take a med-surg job until an OB job becomes available. This experience will be a benifit in your search for an OB job. It will help strengthen your basic nursing skills. Good Luck!!

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    Does anyone know of any research on what effect smoking has on the umb cord? I know the effects on the placental aging, fetal size and circulation-- but I'm wondering about the effects on the cord. Can it reduce/effect the wharton's jelly or cause a small cord? Is there any correlation between smoking and cord prolapse?

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    We encourage patients to try a VBAC. Our policy is that Pitocin can NOT be used for induction of VBAC's but can be used with labor augmentation. The previous uterine incision must also be low transverse.

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    We footprint all newborns on a certificate for the mother. We place one footprint on the L&D Summary form in case there is an abduction. We place one ID band on the baby's arm and one on the opposite leg. We place the other band on the mother. The bands are placed on the individuals before the infant is taken to the nursery. We keep cord blood on all infants for one month. We take a diapered picture immediately after the admission bath with a polaroid camera. This way we have an available photo if the infant is abducted. The photo is then given to the parents at dismissal.