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  • Jul 6

    Originally posted by karenG
    it would have been much easier to stay and keep pretending. Karen
    I wouldn't call "pretending" a meaningful relationship but at the same time my wife and I have learned to keep expectations realistic. We had to learn quite some time ago that "perfection" does not exist for most couples (if at all). I know my parents divorced after my father returned from Vietnam. I swore that when I got married that I would do my very best to keep my marriage intact.

    As I said before I don't think divorce is unusually high in nurses, I believe it is more a reflection of our society.


  • Dec 19 '17

    I suspect that the divorce rates for nurses are no higher than the divorce rates for physicians, lawyers, police men, fire fighters and other "service" related occupations.

    Indeed divorce rates in our country are pretty high regardless of occupation. My wife and I have been together for 23 years now (it has not been easy) but we honored our vows and found a way to stick together in spite of the adversity. It helps that we love each other very much.