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    Hi there,

    I guess you passed the exam. Congratulations! I have a bunch of questions to you actually..

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    Hello! =)
    Here is my very first post on these forums.
    I will try to explain my confused self here. I had registered here months ago but somehow could not follow. Trying to read at least a bit recently, because lots of awesome info here for us nurses and some new info I need and so on. Also I really wonder how is nursing in worldwide and what common things/experiences I am sharing with other nurses all around.
    I am a new nurse, like almost 6 months, graduated from Koç University in 2010 june. I live and work in Istanbul. I chose to be a pediatrics nurse because I adore children and I am so happy while working with them really. =) I love everything but recently started to realise there are some unfair things happening around, so I've decided to start planning for my dream. After I got 1-2 years of experience I would love to try working in abroad, probably in the USA. To be honest, although I am dying for it, I feel like I am lost in my dreams because I do not know about these things much.
    I need some detailed info at first probably.. Like, how many years I need to continue here, what kind of exams I need to take to be accepted as a nurse in the USA/how to apply for them, what materials are needed, also skills maybe and so on, totaly confused, or just I do not know much thing..