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    Hospitals don't care what school you graduate from, everyone takes the same NCLEX! It is true that the so called "nursing shortage" isn't really an issue in this area but getting your foot in the door as PRN or part-time should help you find a good job. Spencerian is a crappy school but if you need the flexibility they offer then your options are limited. Given what my Galen friends tell me vs. my Spencerian friends, the schools are similar. They are both ridiculously expensive and are in conditional standing with boards. I've had a friend tell me that she chose Spencerian over Galen because Spencerian excepted all of her previous college credits and Galen wanted her to take everything over again (for the $$ I'm sure) and I'm also told that more of Spencerians general education credits are transferable because the transcript for those will say Sullivan University. By the way, 6 years ago I was told I wouldn't find a job because nobody would hire a Spencerian graduate....that's what all the disgruntled students will tell : ) Fact is, nobody cares. If they need a nurse then they need a nurse. If someone is having trouble finding a job, it's probably a personality issue or because they are a new grad. I would imagine that it will become more and more difficult to find a job as a nurse because of the economy, more nurses are coming back to work out of retirement and more are becoming the primary bread-winners for their families. Good Luck with school!

    By the way, there are several LPN's in the RN program at Spencerian whose tuition is being paid by Nortons and Jewish (they are eliminating LPN positions therefore requiring thier LPNs to become RN's). I would imagine if they weren't hiring Spencerian grads then they definitely wouldn't send people to school there.

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    I'm ecstatic I finally took that first step and now I'm super motivated. I know I pretty much have to take everything. Any suggestions on classes I can start clepping? Thanks!


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    I am finally financially able to start excelsior but now I don't know where to start. I pretty much have to take everything, all ged eds etc.. Should I start clepping out first or apply to excelsior first? I've read that you can take everything but the last few NC courses before applying but how do you know what to take?? What if I take some courses and then my application is not accepted? Can that happen?
    Do I need to make any contact with excelsior until finish the gen ed requirements?

    Thanks for any help!

    I would also love any suggestions on which classes to clep first.

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    thanks for all the help/advice. i do realize ec is not online ...for some reason anything not on a physical campus is "online" to me.

    at least i have a direction now. since i have to take so many gen. ed.'s, i think i'll do 50/50..some before the nc's and some after...

    thanks again,

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    i have been an lpn for 4 years and have been biting my nails to finish up since graduation. i have read many posts trying getting informed but i still have a few questions. here's the deal. i only have 2 gen ed classes under my belt. college math 109 and history. this was before i transferred to a private lpn program. will ec accept these (from 6 yrs ago)?
    1) considering i pretty much have to take everything, what will ec allow me to clep out of? i know eng comp. but can it be the mult. choice only or do i have to have the essay?

    2) are the gen. ed's harder through ec because they are online?

    3) can i eliminate anything due to being an lpn?

    4) if someone has a list of classes i will need i would really appreciate it-> i can't read the pdf's from ec's website on my computer (hence all the ?'s).

    5) anyone have a cost estimate for me for all these courses/program fees (excluding study materials)?

    i want to do everything online even if it's a little more expensive (3 kids, one with special needs)'s all about time saving here, i can't be in school forever!!!!!! so many of my friends are being jerked around at brick & mortar schools!!!!!

    thanks for any help!:bowingpur