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    Quote from Sammi15

    I graduated from NYU back in May 07' and I think school's reputation is not that important. Speaking from my experience, just get yourself accepted into any nursing program, keep up your GPA (over 3.0/4.0), and most importantly do any externship during your nursing education b/c when you graduated, hospitals will mostly likely hire new grad with any outside clinical experience. A lot of my classmates did externship during nursing school and was offered the job after the externship ended.

    Good luck!
    Thanks! Another question, I just moved from Philadelphia where there were several university hospitals that offered BSN programs (Jeffereson, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Temple U...) besides NYU, do you know of any hospital/universities in NYC with similar programs. Since I just moved here, I don't really know what's out there.
    Thanks again,

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    New to this site, not sure if this is the place to ask this question, but here goes... I just moved to NYC and am finishing up my pre requisites, am interested in getting a BSN, looking for any feedback on BSN programs in NYC (or Brooklyn) with the best reputation. Any feedback would be a great help! Thanks very much!