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    I have a BS in Exercise Science from Syracuse... I had most of my prereqs already done with that degree, but I had to take Microbiology (at a local community college, I am living in CA right now) and I am taking Pharmacology online through Duquesne this summer.
    I think that Duquesne's program is definitely worth the price... it's almost half the price of some of the other private California schools I was looking at, and cost of living in Pittsburgh is very inexpensive compared to other areas in the country. And you really can't beat that it's a 12 month program... I'll be a nurse by next year!

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    I recently got accepted to the Duquesne 2nd degree accelerated BSN program starting Fall 08, and am planning on attending..!!... very excited.
    I have no idea what I was competing against, but I feel with acceptance rates being what they are these days with most nursing programs (especially accelerated programs), I feel grateful and lucky to have gotten in, and am really looking forward to going this fall! The only thing I would say is that their application due date was a lot earlier than most programs, and they let you know if you were accepted within a month of the due date! It's nice to know this early what I will be doing in the Fall...