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    Does anyone have any tips about studying for the state boards that were especially effective and productive?

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    I am an RN nursing student graduating in May. In June, I start my first job on the surgical floor of my local hospital, working the evening shift. This is a second career for me. I was in the teaching profession prior to nursing school, plus raised a family. I am starting my nursing career at the age of 52, and want to work at nursing until retirement age. I am concerned about the rapid bunout rate of nurses that I keep reading about-especially in hospital nursing. Does anyone have any suggestions about I can "take care of myself" well enough so as not to have burnout happen to me? I am really excited about nursing now, and eager to start working.

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    I am a nursing student graduating next month. I wore "fake nails" before nursing school, but my program did not allow them during school. I am considering getting them again after graduation. What is your opinion and the policies at the facilities where you work? Are they a health hazaard to patients if proper handwashing precautions are used? Have you read any studies on the "fake nail" issue?