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    wooooot got offered a place at Herts University to study adult nursing, starting Sep 08!

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    aww thanks for the warm welcome everybody!

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    Hi all,

    So i'm on my way to studying from September 08.... what should I do now? ideally, i'd like to get a job in a hospital or care home, something loosely connected to nursing or working alongside nurses - does that sound the right thing to do? I would ideally be lookin for 3 days a week.

    Would anyone have an idea of who employs the carers and auxiliaries in a local hospital> I think my local area is East and North Herts, if thats helpful.

    Thanks in advance

    T xx

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    oh gosh, I said I was 31 and i'm 32 - just turned..... eeeek it sneaks up on ya!

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    Just wanted to quickly introduce myself... i'm Tempy, i'm 32 and from the UK, married, sadly soon to be divorced, and I have 2 sons - 2yrs and 6yrs.

    I gained a degree in English, trained as a teacher and decided that was definitely not something I wanted to do, so I got a job in finance, worked hard, and enjoyed my work until I had my second son, at which point I stopped working to take care of the kids.

    Things change, evolve.... divorce now looms, and i'm faced with a daunting future, BUT if i've learned one thing, its to do the things you want, regardless of what other people think. I WANT to be a nurse. I BELIEVE I'll be good at it. And most importantly, I KNOW i'll enjoy it So despite the timing and the uncertainties, i'm grasping the bull by the horns and have applied for the course. Life's too short not to!

    The fact that I'm prone to frequent bouts of wanderlust is an influence also - nursing is a career that can travel with me I hope, which opens up a few more possibilities for the future.

    I look forward to sharing and learning from you all!

    Tempy xxxx