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  • Dec 8 '17

    I'm not entirely sure WHY whenever marijuana is mentioned, a certain segment of the population cries "patient safety." News flash: alcohol is legal and we're not all coming to work impaired. Stop using "patient safety" as a way to object to something that YOU don't like.

  • Jul 31 '17

    I'm not an ACNP, but I did go from an inner city ICU where all the patients had every major comorbidity in the book... to a suburban, high volume ER where the patients are overall much, much less sick.

    The ER nurses at my hospital, with a couple of exceptions (those being the nurses that also worked ICU and, to a lesser extent, those that have worked in major trauma center ERs) do not have the experience with hemodynamics and management of really sick patients that I had working in a CVICU/SICU. Many of my ER coworkers have between 3 and 10 years of experience and can't/don't titrate drips or coordinate ventilator readings and what's going on with the patient. On the other hand, they are still more proficient than I am with initial reception of STEMIs, strokes, and things I saw less of in ICU.

    You will learn things in ER that you won't in ICU and vice versa. I do think that having a strong background in respiratory, cardiovascular, neuro, and renal issues, which I feel you'd probably get more of in ICU that takes truly critical patients, is going to be really valuable experience if you're going to work in a critical care environment as a provider. If I were in the ICU as a patient, I don't think I would want an ACNP taking care of me that had never worked ICU before.