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    Yes, yes, yes. I have been a nurse 9 years. Maybe we are lucky in Australia, but in our hospital nurses are treated well (kinda). Have usually worked with good pt ratios. . Yes its frustrating sometimes, but the privilege of helping families (and they are 99.9% nice in Australia if that helps.) and its a cliche but giving comfort, advice, and reassurance makes it worthwhile. The nurses I have worked with all pull in together (minus 1-2 in every place). Maybe if u read some of the stories of our nursing has changed people life on the site. However if you are in a bad workplace, I can understand wanting to get out

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    i wouldn;t wish bipolar on anyone. My friend is a fantastic nurse and has bipolar, she has been employed at the same place for almost ten years, in between episodes. I am sorry to hear any nurse harassed in public. Any 'justified comments, which was not, should be made in private anyway. Although I have been bullied in nursing , its has beeen in the minority. Yes, sone nurses too drag others down, but not of all them.
    But this was a personal, awful public attack.

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    We got nothing to our outpatients department, but there was an event in the hospital. (Australia) But this week on the bus, I got a thank you and how great nurses are speech,

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    Yes, i am lurker not a poster but i wil contribute more. One thing i have always wanted was to publish/promote the stories of the 'wiser' nursing generation before me ( i am 30). What do you think?

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    Not sure what you mean Lucia, There is hospital based, adult, paedatric, community nursing, rural (country), remote, drug and alcohol nursing. What kinda of job where you after. There is also private and public hospitals.

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    Hi shadowcat80,
    I have worked in Freo and SCGH ('Charlies'). Liked them both and the nurses i know there have stayed there. What speciality do you want? Do you know many people in Perth/ Royal Perth do have open days for nurses, or morning teas.

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    Sorry i meant why wrap them indiviually, just put them straight into room bins, for collection when full, or would there be odor problems
    Thanks Lee

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    Hi, i applaud you for caring about your carbon footprint.
    In WA, in my experience, incontinence pads are just put straight into plastic bags, ie in patients rooms and then in large ward or wing bins. So at least that skips the paper bag step. I would imagine that take hundred years to break down, with all that plastic. and it 's not like your work will get contracts for biodegradable pads if they existed, due to cost comes first.
    Maybe you can tell me why my new employer doesn't have recyling at all, for paper, plastic etc and has no environmental policies.

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    Currently every Aus state has their own registration board.
    NSW (i think) maybe a good start. contact their board and ask what you need to get accepted.
    Then maybe look for hospital to sponsor you .
    Sorry can't help more.

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    I haven't done agency nursing but some great nurses i know have been agency.
    Due to money, lack of staff it is harder to get grad programs in country Australia but is too late. In WA some hospitals offer grad programs if you have less than twelve months expereince.
    Are the options to commute . Nursing can be hard enough without being new and treated otherwise.
    Maybe some agencies offer a travelling grad program?

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    Thanks guys for your support. I now work for silver chain palliative care where it is very patient centred. I did get on well with my old manager so maybe i will mention to her.

    I think (big generalisation here) is that cause ward nursing can be busy with multiple demands some nurses can forget why they are their. My CN on that ward swore she only knew her patients by room number, which hardly makes for empathy. ? too harsh?

    I think nursing is the best job in the world, given the right environment.
    I wish no nurse had to come home beating herself up that she could of done better, if he / she had more time. and non-, task oriented time with a nurse is what heals, not being the nurses that gets her four hourly obs done, although that is vital too.

    blah blah blah

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    just a whinge i suppose. But this happened last week. I left that ward in August. I just feel some nurses have issues like being patronising to their colleagues and patients and controlling.

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    Sorry this is a new thread.

    I had to have my appendix out, and they put me the ward i left in August.
    The first (new to me ) nurse ignored three requests for pain relief and took two hours to put up my fluids when i was first admitted and left me in pain for over forty mins.

    Over nurses were either rude or treated me as if i wasn't sick.
    And for the record i barely ask for anything or complain about the care otherwise.

    I was feeling vunerable cause i had already been in pain wfith d & v for three days.

    Should i have been more assertive and more importantly should nurses that need to look hard in the mirror and grow up and listen to their patients have the insight to do that.

    i don't think all nurses should be perfect but maybe there is acceptable things and maybe there is not. Where is the line

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    Yah, i have been looking for a chat thing for ages.
    but bring back Aussie Rules.
    Does anyone have or know any with, in interest in CAM and holistic nursing.

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    Hi, i may be able to help as now my master's of clinical science (complementary medicine. I will get back to you .