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    To all of the experienced case managers-how do you do it? I have been in case management 1 month and I can't seem to get "my flow" right. I mean everything seems important or urgent to look at first thing in the morning-from checking the emails, the alerts, medicare 1-2 day stays, Medicare's important message issuance, new admits-are they obs or inpatient and avoid having a Code 44. Has anybody found a faster and easier way to determine if a admit is an inpatient or obs admit or procedure? Is there a simpler way to determine drg and reading interqual? What resources are out there for new case managers? I know that I have coworkers but everybody seems so busy. I am still trying to figure out the best way to ask doctors when they will be discharging a patient b/c administration says they have been there too long and there breathing down my neck. I have heard the "they are not meeting the criteria to stay here so I need for you to document something that would explain why they are still here".It just seems like a way to upset the doctors and to get them to hate to see you coming. I know that it is part of the job but I would like to know of some forums or resources available to help a new case manager progress in this role. Thanks in advance for any responses.