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    You really need that basic floor nursing skill before going to the ED.
    Telemetry experience, starting IV's, interpreting Dr.'s orders and responding to emergency situations on the floor are important skills before hitting the ED. It is a whole different world, but the basics are still your foundation. Not every patient who comes in is really an "emergency" and you wind up using the same skills you are developing on the acute units. Oncology may not be your favorite but you will have these same patients coming in to the ED. Every experience is a learning experience. Good luck!

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    Starting pay at our Ohio, 150 bed hospital is @$19.00 for a new grad up to @$32.00 for a nurse with 20 years of acute nursing experience. There is no difference in specialty areas or for a BSN. There is a 12 % shift differential, 15% differential on weekends and a $1.50/hr. additional for the Charge(head or resource)nurse.