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    Hi Siri
    Greetings from Australia
    Thank you so much for those most useful links. I am wondering if you have any in relation to Mobilisation of the patient following AMI. There are so many differing opinions and I am aiming to put together guidelines for patient mobilisation for a new unit. Any input as to what others do in their CCU's would be most helpful and appreciated.
    Kind regards

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    Quote from TopherSRN
    Your getting Transmyocardial Revascularization (TMR) and a MAZE confused. TMR is where a laser is used to 'drill' holes through the myocardium in order to promote collateral capillary beds as a method of perfusion.

    A MAZE is a procedure where the atria and the pulmonary veins are surgically manipulated in order to reorganize the internodal pathways.

    And YES you will see asystole, junctional, a flutter and EVEN afib in someone s/p MAZE. A fib will persist for up to 6 months. Its akin to seeing the wierd conductions in valves.

    She told you to look it up because you will remember it better than if she had just told you. How hard is it to look things up these days with google?
    It has been interesting reading re the MAZE proceedures, our Hospital does the largest amount of Cardiac Surgery in our state and the MAZE is only ever done in conjunction with valve or CABG. Our Cardiologists/Electrophysiologists do Alcohol Abalation via a femoral approach for those patients that have AF. And as previously stated the arrythmias post proceedure are variant and if the full affect of either the MAZE or the Alcohol Ablation take between 3 and 6 months and even then there is no guarantee that they are successful. The proceedure is as you say on here - related to the pulmonary veins and internodal pathways. Thanks for taking my 2 cents worth.

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    Quote from safri93
    Hi Everybody In The Great Website,,

    I Liked It And I Am Abdullah From Oman , I Am Rn ,

    No Subspeciality I Had ,

    Wellcome Nurses

    I Would Like To Have Good Friendship With The Honest People ,,,

    Whatever The Nationality Or The Religion

    Well Come ....

    I Wish I Would Be Able To Post Good And Graet Topics In This Forum

    See U ,,,,
    Hello and welcome Abdulla, I really look forward to hearing about Oman

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    RE: working in Muscat, Oman
    Could anyone give me information as to the salary paid to extremely exprienced CCU/ICU/DON nurse that is being actively recruited as i live in nurse

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    Quote from madwife2002
    Afebrile How I love that word-nobody uses it or understands it where I work so I presumed it was just used in England. Sorry I stole thread I hope you recover quickly
    oh my lord...I cannot believe that you say that no one uses the word 'afebrile' - where do you work. It is commonly used in the UK and Australia as part of general medical language.