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    Quote from chandrel
    Hello Andimp00,

    I called the office today. Sandy informed me that I should be called for an interview that the commitee had my folder. I turned my application in at the end of January. I would call every two weeks for an update. Each time they would tell me that it was under review. Today, I was connected to Sandy because I was informed that my application was in review for a long time. If you care to share, How was your interview? What information did you recieve about the program? thanks

    you can also reach me at
    They called to reschedule my interview for Monday. I will let you know how it goes. Hopefully it will go well for both of us and we will be classmates!

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    Has anyone heard back from the Psychiatric (PMHNP) program yet? Any interviews and/or letters?

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    I know there have been several questions regarding the Everest Graduates and what has happened since graduation. 100% of our class passed the NCLEX on the first try. From my experience, and everyone I spoke to, we all passes with the minimum number of questions as well. I was hired in the field I wanted to work in before the ink was dry on my license. I will say it again. Everest in Phoenix was an excellent nursing school. The faculty was exceptional. I have few complaints aside from the initial stuff we put up with as a new program. I applied for many positions and not one of them had an issue with the school I graduated from. I am still receiving job offers 6 months after I graduated and 4 months after I started working. I hope all of you that passed judgement on me and this program have found your place in the world. As for me, I am an RN, applying for a Masters program that again, isn't discriminating against the school I got my RN at. All of my classmates are working, some of us making upwards of $42 an hour. The second lass at Everst has graduated and are waiting to take the NCLEX. If anyone has serious questions about the program, PM me and I will try to help. For the rest of you...good luck!

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    Another believer! The trick worked for me! Payed to check this morning and got the official, unofficial results. Good luck to everybody out there!!!

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    Just took mine this morning in Texas. I will let you know if it works for me

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    Quote from KalipsoRed
    Also kelliegrl I know you may believe that you have tried so hard to educate Mr.300lb diabetic but I would bet that you are probably wrong. I have a RN friend who got type II diabetes and most of the stuff she truly understands about the illness she had to do indepth research to find out, not something she learned from the nurses at the hospital or her doctor. Which just says to me that we as nurses are not given the indepth education we need to know to help our patients understand their illness and in all probability if your floor is as busy as mine you probably only have enough time to say approx 5 sentences to your patient all shift. Both of those instances do not lead to patient comprehension. Second diabetics have a very high instance of depression. I don't know if you have ever had major depression but if not then you can not really appriciate their lack of hope and motivation. Why don't you try to get them a psych consult and on some meds before you teach them something? It may help a great deal.
    It's true that depression can be a part of it, but come on, the majority of these paitents don't even listen to th efive sentences we get out because they never plan on changing their lifestyle. I injured my back caring for a 300+ lb patient with bilateral amputations that had friends sneaking in the ding dongs. I heard a great thing fom a nurse I was shadowing a few weeks ago when a patient complained that he wasn't getting enough to eat (He said it hatefully as he was on the phone having his wife bring take-out). She told him that, "this hospital does not support your diabetes." I thought it was blunt and to the point, yet let him know that he was there to get on the road to wellness, not continue in his self-destructive behavior. These are people that have had multiple admissions for multiple problems secondary to their unhealthy llifestyle. They know what they need to do, and choose to ignore it. They won't listen to the psychiatrist either if it means putting down the twinkie!

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    Quote from 1stloveistobeanurse
    andimp00 i really hate to say this but here it is, you seem to take comments about this school very personal. i know you claim that you are not an employee here but a student. if this is true why in the world would you care about others comments. if you are getting what you need and you don't have a vested interest in the school beside that you get an education then what's up?

    i know now that i am working on my pre reqs i am proud of my school but first and foremost i am proud of my own accomplishments. i did notice that when you pm me, you mention everything about the rep of your school, however, you never mention anything about the fact these schools work on a 90/10 financial basis, and that they are overpricing their programs by 110% which means that students will always be forced to contribute at least that 10% into the cost of the program because the school has taken all the financial they was awarded.

    many private schools are expensive, and their rep speaks for itself, i do not see anyone as offended about these schools but you. why
    since you want to personally attack me on the thread and not pm me, here it goes:
    as for my accomplishments, i have a bachelors degree from a top 25 university. i spent 10 years in the business world where i was in management of a large nationwide company. my passion has always been the medical field so i left my high paying job to pursue nursing. i decided on a private school becuase i could have my degree while the rest of you are still doing your prereq's. i already had my prereq's and just needed nursing classes. everest, unlike other private schools, let me tranfer in all my prereqs and not choose only a few and retake the others with them to collect cash. this let me know they were not in it to squeeze every penny out of me. as for the 90/10 thing, you obviously have information i do not. all i know is that everest is still cheaper per credit than asu is. ccs are cheap, but taxpayers have contributed to pay for those programs. i will get my bachelors with 26 credits after i finish at everest. i will do it at the same top 25 university that i have my other bachelors. they will accept my credits, i have asked.

    i defend my school because others do not. my vested interest is the reputation of my school's nursing program. if there isn't anyone on these threads defending it then all that other potential students read is the negative information that other, non informed people post. i want people to have the facts. if i was posting negative info about your school i would expect you to respond. i want people who are looking into programs to get all of the information they can to choose a program that is right for them. when i was looking into programs i found that there was a lack of concrete information and an excess of this type of random, incorrect information floating out there. i know my school doesn't give out info when you call on the phone. that frustrated me as well when i was applying. so i am trying to demystify it a bit and give good information. you can talk to other people on this board that have pmd me. not everything i have to say is great, but i keep my personal issues off of the public forum, at least i did before you attacked me.

    that is why i am defending my school even when i am getting what i want out of it. my question is why are you trying to tear down a school when you have no reason to. what are you getting out of it? let other people find out information. let people who actually attend these schools tell their stories. if i have questions about your school i will ask you. let others ask me. i will not participate in any more of this banter. it is nonproductive. again, i ask people to not speak on subjects that they are not informed about. if anyone wants real information from a student that goes to this school, please let me know. several people have contacted me. they know my name. some of them have even begun attending the school. they see me in the halls. they know i am not an employee. i hope they too are proud of their school. good luck to you.

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    Quote from Juliamine
    Now correct me if I'm wrong, but the red flag for me on these colleges is I think you get in on a first come first serve basis. I called around when I thought I would never get into nursing school and found out the credits dont transfer, so it seems like a waste of time. Also if your accepted on a first come first serve basis, seems that pretty much anyone who can pass their initial test can get in. So good for those who may have poor prereq grades, but for anyone who is competitive in the pool of nursing students, in my opinion, should steer clear of these programs.

    Also, my previous experience as a dental assistant taught me that graduates of trade schools (such as Apollo and Everest) get considered for hire last, with those from Colleges getting considered first and usually getting the position.
    You are incorrect, at least about Everest. There is no "first come first serve basis." A nursing school's accreditation is based on how well their students perform on the NCLEX exam at the end of the program. for that reason alone it would be stupid for them to admit anyone who applied without carefully reviewing their academic performace leading up to admission. You also go through an interview process. Again, as i have stated before, once you have your RN license you are able to attend other RN to BSN programs. The only tranfer issuses are with non-nursing classes, and you may have issues with those classes from any college or university. I was hired from the site that we had our clinical rotation at and have already been offered a job as an RN there once I graduate, so I also believe you are wrong in saying that we get hired last. Dental assisting and RN programs are completely different.

    I get so frustrated at people putting these programs down. Again, if anyone has real questions about the Everest program I urge them to make an appointment to speak with the director of the program (she is also a member of the AZ board of nursing), or a current student, and not people on these boards that are just passing judgement without actual knowledge.

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    Quote from 1stloveistobeanurse
    Thanks for your response, however just to point out what I meant by a worthless piece of paper is this. When you receive a degree from a school that will not allow you to transfer these credit over to another public school then in essence what you have receive is worthless in the sense that you are not able to further your education outside of this particular school, and thus you must remain a student at said school or take the required courses all over again at a public school. I also looked into this school and I do not want to comment on the details I found during my investigation so I will leave you with this

    I am confident that we are all adults and we are all able to make our own decisions. At no time did I or will I ever encourage someone to attend a certain school or not, I only am stating the facts.
    I PM'd you for specifics since your response was to my previous PM.

    I do want to post that I believe you can find students at any college or university that have complaints about their programs. Yes, some of these programs can be misleading. People need to do their homework and make sure they know what they are getting themselves into. No doubt that people have been burned when they sign up for things that they have not completely researched. However, Everest's nursing program is not one of these programs. I encourage anyone seriously looking into the program to talk to the director, the instructors, and students that are actually in the program and not get their information from consumer affair websites or from people that are making judgements from afar.

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    i assure you that I am not an employee of Everest. i am a student, half way through the program and one year away from running, not walking to a *REAL* degree. I would put my education up against any other in the area. Although the cost of my education is expensive, I have been on the waitlist at the CCs for over a year and will probably still be on it when I graduate. By that time I will be making REAL money as an RN. Cost analysis tells me that I made the right choice. Please, save your judgement for someone else and let others make their own decisions. If anyone has REAL questions about the program i am happy to respond and tell them the positive and negative aspects of the program.

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    For those of you still looking into Everest they do let you transfer in as many non-nursing classes as you want as long as your grades were C or above. That does cut down on the $$$. I am at the end of Block II now. Just a few weeks before finals. There have been ups and downs. Some of them associated with the problems of it being a new program, and some of them I believe you would have anywhere. All in all, I am glad I chose this program. I am almost half way through and my education, which is what is important, I feel has been top quality! I cannot say enough about my instructors. If any of you have ?s, let me know. I am happy to answer as many of them as I can.

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    Clinicals are great!! We have such great instructors, so we have a lot of 1 on 1 attention. The program is going well. There have been a few hiccups, but I expected that with a new program.

    Overall things are good. Classes are getting more difficult and we just came off of 2 weeks where we didn't have a day off, and then we had midterms last week, so I am fried! I can't really give the program as a whole a rating, because there are so many factors. One of the things i would give a 10 is the fact that the administration and instructors are open for our suggestions and feedback, and even seek it out. The issues that we have are primarily the same ones you would find with any program.

    there were people who were able to finance 100%. Others are paying monthly payments without interest. There were many options, but I would make sure you checked into the grants and loans yourself, so you are not relying solely on the financial aid dept to do it for you.

    If you have more specific ?s, send me a PM. i will be happy to give any info I can.

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    I feel your pain! I'm a Carolina Girl all the way! Currently living in Phoenix and hating EVERY minute of it. I have family in charlotte. Great place! I never lived there, but grew up in Chapel Hill, lived in Durham and Greensboro. You will absolutely love NC, wherever you move. So much better than this sweatbox. I am in nursing school and will be moving back to the Tarheel state as soon as I graduate! Good Luck!!

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    The NCLEX pass rates at PMI are great! Even better than those at some of the CCs. Check out the AZBON website! Just goes to show you that other programs are out there educating great nurses!

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    Quote from tferdaise
    Whats the cost at Everett to get your ADN RN ?
    It depends on how many credits you transfer in. Each credit hour is $366. If you start from zero without Algebra, English, etc., it could be pricey. But if you are like me and transfer in almost all of your non-nursing credits then it is not that bad. Some schools limit the number of credits you can tranfer in. Everest does not. They also have several Financial Aid options that include no intrest programs. I chose the "pay-as -you-go" option that allows me to pay all of what is not covered by FAFSA loans in equal monthly payments without interest. Out of pocket I am paying a little less than my car payment each month. I already have a Bachelors degree, so I am not eligible for grants, but many of my classmates received grants as well, so some of them are paying even less.
    For me there is no question that it is worth it.