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    Quote from tferdaise
    Hello Sharon regarding your post, about ADN or BSN.

    Time is a factor, BUT, the wait list to get into a RN program at ANY of the community collages as well as PVT school is 2+ yrs wait. So this stuff the other poster said about time is not the issue. Since you already have a undergrad degree, you might need some of the Pre Reqs the same at the Universitys and get in the BSN program. The cost at the PVT RN schools is the same or more then getting a BSN.

    I suggest you go to the Community Collages with transcrips in hand and have a talk wtih them and see what they will require from you to get into the ADN programs. I would do the same wtih the Universitys... But, I would stay away from the PVT RN schools..... Bauer, Apollos etc...

    There is no wait list at Everest. They do require higher scores on the HESI than the other programs, but as of now, there is no wait list for the program that starts in July because they have not started advertising it yet.
    I do appreciate the hesitation people have about the private colleges because those that you mentioned had bad NCLEX pass rates. However, there are other private schools that have NCLEX passing rates higher than those of the community colleges. Check out the AZBON website for quarter 4 of last year and you will see how everyone did for the entire year. PIMA medical institute had a 90% while some of the CCs only had 70-80%.
    I just ask that people not put down other programs or tell people to "stay away" from other programs that they may know little or nothing about apart from the price tag.
    For me the private route was the way to go because I will have my degree and be on the job before I would have been off the wait list at the CCs. I factored that in to the price of the education and my time IS valuable. And Everest has been a great program for me. I cannot imagine a program taking more interest in the success of their students. It's a shame that people lump ALL private schools together and give them a bad name.

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    Things are going well. I am pleased with the program and really do not have any negative comments. It is far for me, but several of us carpool from the East Valley, so it makes things much easier. The school even has a carpool incentive that they give to each group of carpoolers. They increased it from $20 per month to $30. It may not sound like much, but at least they are concerned that the price of gas is increasing and felt the need to help us out a little more.
    We have finished midterms and are gearing up for finals and clinicals which start later this month. I am GLAD that I made the choiceto start this program instead of continuing to wait!
    Good luck to all of you!

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    Quote from sharonLeighc

    Can anyone tell me what programs they would reccomend for getting a degree in Nursing.. either a BSN or RN. I have checked in to all the schools that I know of (Grand Canyon, Chamberlin, ASU, Ethal Bauer, Everest, Maricopa Community Colleges) but I would really like to hear from some real nurses that have gone though the programs rather than just hearing the stats from the colleges. Any reccomendations?

    I have a BA in psychology and would like to become an RN.


    I am in the first class at Everest and would be happy to give you any info on the school from my point of view. Just let me know what info you are looking for!

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    Chapel Hill is going to be as expensive, if not more than Brier Creek. I lived in Durham for 7 years as a young adult and wondered why it got such a bad name. I loved it. If you look around Duke you can find some great neighborhoods that are bieng renovated and probably get a great deal on something. I love the charm and character of all of those old neighborhoods. Start on 9th street and work your way out. I'd give anything to be back there over where I am now (Phoenix). Good Luck!

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    The program total is 108 hours, but you can tranfer in all of your non nursing credits (math, composition, literature, etc.). I transferrred in 38 hours, so that reduced tuition quite a bit.

    The program is going well. Because it is an accelerated program it is a lot of work, so they keep us on our toes.

    Right now our classes are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. They will change each 12 weeks. We start clinicals in July, so I am not sure what those hours will be. Someone said Thursdays from 6:30 am to 2:30 pm, but I am not sure that is set in stone.

    I am not working, and I think it would be difficult to shuffle a work schedule with this program. Some of my classmates are doing it though. Overall, I am very satisfied and would recommend it to anyone who is tired of waiting.

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    I live in Gilbert and I carpool with 2 other girls from Queen Creek. The school actually gives you a carpool incentive. I am glad that I chose this route as opposed to still being on the waitlist.

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    Have any of you thought about Everest College in Phoenix? I too went to all of the info sessions at PIMA and ended up going to Everest. They do not have a limit to the number of hours that transfer and they charge per credit hour so you can save alot of $$$ if you have prereqs to transfer like I did. Tey are regionally accredited so you are not stuck going only to UofP for your BS.
    The program is new, and they don't give info out on the phone, but I am in Block 2 now, so if any of you have any questions I would be happy to answer. The program so far has been great.
    I just read the thread and you guys sound as if you are where I was a few months ago. I was happy to find a program like Everest that seemed like they were interested in my education, not just my $$$$.

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    ...your husband, who gets home from work at 3am, wakes you up to ask you to clean your textbooks off of the bed so he can go to sleep. Then he politely points out that you may want to change your clothes too. (He's the best!)

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    I am in the end of block one. We take our final exam on Thursday. I have found the school to be everything I thought it would be. I have received everything I was promised. They were upfront about everything including the price. I am not sure about the previous poster, but since I am in the first class ever and no one from my class started and dropped out, I think this person must be mistaken about which program he/she was in.

    My instructors have been extremely qualified. The program thus far has been great. No complaints from me.

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    Quote from Knit1Purl2
    I spoke with an admissions rep about an hour ago. So all of my questions were answered. I did not ask about the Hesi. Why the Hesi? How different is it from the Net? Also, do you know how many classes they are taking in each year? The Ad rep did tell me that the July class will start from scratch with no prereque classes needed. I like the Banner clinicals aspect. Also, did you at any time consider Chamberlain?

    I have not taken the NET. I have heard some people say it is harder and some say it is easier than the HESI. There is a time limit on the HESI, but it is 4 hours for the entire test. I finished fairly quickly. Can't imagine using all 4 hours. I didn't have a problem with it. There is a study guide available. If you look over that, you will be set. Most schools charge for the HESI. Everest does not.
    I am not sure how many classes they will be taking each year. I just know of the one that starts Feb 25 and the one in July. I looked in to Grand Canyon, the CCs, and PMI.

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    Quote from Knit1Purl2
    Do you mind letting us know how much the tuition is and what are their prereques?


    Constantly changing my mind while waiting.
    The only prereq for this semester is A&P 1. You have to pass the HESI with an 80% and also the compass if you do not have a degree. Cost is about $366 per credit hour. Total credit hours will vary depending on how many classes you transfer in.

    I was also very impressed with the director, the facility and the faculty. During my interview they were extremely thorough, making sure that I was the right fit for their program, and that I had thought out completely the decision to become a nurse. Also, they are the only private ADN program to have an agreement with Banner for clinicals. That says something as well.

    I am excited to be starting, hope to see some of you at orientation!!

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    Quote from kris100
    Wow - really? I think I will give them a call. Can I ask you what it is that impressed you about Everest? And what was your deciding factor on picking this school? I have looked into sooo many at this point I feel confused. I'm getting really tired of being on waiting lists but the private school option makes me a little nervous.....
    Most private colleges are nationally accredited. Their credits only transfer to other nationally accredited schools. Everest is regionally accredited. Therefore when you go for your BSN you have more options. They also allow you to transfer more credits than other private schools I have talked with. I think PMI only allows 18 credits. If you are like me and have been working on prereq's for CCs, you don't want to throw those away and take the classs over.
    In making my decision to go private, I weighed my options. I could wait around for the community college, or I could take the plunge and have my degree by the time the others are just starting school. I met with the financial aid rep today (I was dreading it) and they have several options that were less than frightening.
    Also, I am just at a place in my life now when I can make it happen. Who knows if I will still be in that place by the time my number is called at the community college.

    Hope this helps!

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    FYI. I believe they are still interviewing for spots for the class that starts Feb 25th. You must have A&P and take the compass and HESI.

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    Quote from sassiebaz
    Please let us know how the program goes. I may look into the program down the road when Im ready to take on such a grueling task....
    Sure thing. I have been impressed thus far with the level of planning and preparation that is going on. I am bracing myself for the bumps of being in the first class, but so far everything seems great. Classes start on the 25th.

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    This is their first year with an ADN program in Phoenix. From what I understand, they have one in Florida. They are a regionally accredited school so the credits will transfer much easier than those from nationally accredited schools such as PMI and EBSN. They are approved by the Arizona State Board of Nursing. If you ahve more questions, I will be happy to try and help.