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    finally, someone listened and heard our cry for help! hope this will change everything as soon as possible.... God only knows when!

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    Quote from mean_gurl98
    That's the point. So what drove you to take up nursing in the first place?

    I have few friends working for CONVERGYS, all nurses but never practiced nursing at all, coz nursing wasnt their first choice, its just what their parents wanted for them thinking they will work somewhere in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and other hot spots for filipino nurses.

    If its really hard to get a paid job in hospitals but you really love nursing then try working as a company nurse, school nurse, OPD nurse in doctors clinic, CI's etc. You have lots of option. But if you think its not really for you, then pursue the career you want where you think you will grow and advance professionally. Youre still young anyway. God bless!

    mean_gurl98 is right about the options somehow. but i really feel for the starter of this thread, i get whats on his mind. i believe that what he is thinking is that, as a nurse, he and i want to start in the clinical area, develop our nursing skills and knowledge there (because that is the only place where you'll really feel that you can use and apply what you've read from the books), and then, after we overcome the novice level, when we finally become a knowledgeable nurse, we feel that then is the right time to try becoming a professor or a clinical instructor (because then you can be confident enough to face students and don't need to pretend when you don't know something) and maybe then we can try managerial positions, step down to a clinic or to community health-where there will be no more deaths and sorrow around you unlike in a hospital. that is actually my plan, and i'm sticking to it.

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    if u have the chance to go to another country asap, then you should do it. you can find a nursing job there or you can just do other jobs there. at least you won't be stuck in the night shift of call centers here or doing other jobs that are not related to nursing.

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    can anyone please help me how the dubai health authority conducts the exam and what kind of questions are asked? please help. looking forward to your replies(especially those who have already taken the test). thank you very much!

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    number 5

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    just search for it in the other trend called nursing practice in the UAE. u can see it in the first page of the thread. or just go to the website. just google Dubai Health Authority. the exam is as expensive as the nclex, you know; and its an interview exam. Am done with the application, but now, nobody seems to answer my question about how the exam goes and what questions are asked.

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    has anyone ever taken the DOH/ Dubai Health Authority nurse licensure exam? i know that it is an oral/ panel interview exam... can anyone help with some tips? what kind of questions and how to answer in order to pass??? thank you. looking forward to your replies...

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    hello everyone. i am about to try my luck in Dubai this time. my DOH (Dubai Health Authority) exam is in October... if anyone of you has taken this exam recently, i need help, tips... I know it is an oral/ panel interview exam... but how exactly is it done? what kind of questions are asked?... what do i need to review and focus on?...please help. thanks a lot!

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    if you have some money to spare, why don't you get trainings and seminars, i guess you would have finished the essentials BLS and IVT, so why dont you try ACLS or hemodialysis. OR maybe study and take the IELTS or NCLEX. But if you want a job, you can try call centers or better yet, online teaching jobs. Just go to, in the jobseeker page, choose Education, NCR,a nd you'll find a lot of companies, most of them in Ortigas, looking for online English tutors. you will teach most probably Korean kids or adults, engage them in a conversation, while you correct their mistakes. work hours is from 2pm to 10pm or they even have part time. They pay well, these are our only alternatives, you will even enjoy doing it, but remember that its only temporary.

    If you really want clinical experience, you SHOULD have a backer, someone powerful in the inside, to get you in, even as a volunteer. If you don't have a backer, more or less your resume is bound for the circle office- the garbage can. You should think about the reality that there are half a million of us, looking a place in hospitals, and there are only more or less 50 hospitals around MM. And even if you finish the whole 3 or 6 mos volunteer program, and give all your efforts, you won't be hired, it will always be our fellow nurses who have backers to get the job first. that's tragic, and very painful, actually. so if i were you, find a backer inside a hospital, stay in that hospital, because i know you know how hard it is to find another hospital. I'm saying all this because I experienced all of it.

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    Quote from kingpin
    hi jenna18. i went to the link you gave, it says "there are no licenses at the moment"...anyway , i'll be registering with British Council maybe next week. thanks for the tip. God bless you!
    that road to ielts is licensed to Chinese University of Hongkong. try to search for this. it has the full version for free, but if you purchase it from british council, you'll pay 350 pesos.

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    back in 2008, in a nursing expo i attended, i remember that they charge 3500php for submission of requirements, and then another fee for pearson vue registration... as for me, i handled everything alone. as in nobody to help me, some friends, yes. but i did all the research. read all the instructions in the websites. ofcourse they are reliable, that's why you pay them. but honestly, if you do it yourself, its a good feeling,plus you can save yourself or your parents, some money.

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    you don't really need to review... but if your registered with British Council, you can use their facilities (at the Taipan 10F ofc, ortigas) anytime for free.(just be sure to bring a jacket with you!) or just buy cambridge ielts 6 and other books from prc. another privilege from british council is the free 30 hours of Road to IELTS, but i found a site where the full version is accessible. Road to IELTS Academic from Clarity and the British Council
    IELTS is a pretty easy exam. just take note of the tips that you'll find fro books. how to write your essay and how to answer in the interview. my tip for the listening test- watch a lot of movies, from the UK (e.g. love actually, imagine me and you) and just listen to the listening practice tests on ur ipod, even if you're not taking a test. just keep listening until the day of your test. follow my advice: don't enroll yourself anymore and waste your money in the review centers. you'll do just well. goo dluck!

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    ielts in 6 days? possible! and this is one of the best links i found... hope i won't be sued for this. i just thought studying for IELTS should really be for free. full version of road to ielts. u dont have to pay 350 it is.

    Road to IELTS Academic from Clarity and the British Council

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    Quote from Grace02
    Please help me brothers and sisters... after long time of studying and exhaustian. Now I lost fucusing of studying and am planing to take this exam by the end of this month. Pls pray for me so i can get myself back in track. And I dont even know if am ready or not. How do I know if am ready anyway.
    Pls help.
    I guess you can gauge your preparedness from your scores in the practice exams. People will say, its from within you and your confidence- which are both very important things to bring to the day of your NCLEX. I took it last April 14 and got only 75. I finished reading the Saunders Comprehensive Book a month earlier and just continued taking practice tests and often got 80% correctly in each test. No one can never tell our fate in the NCLEX. But just a tip, most of the questions I got were taken exactly from the Saunders Compre book and Q/A CD- exact words. As long as you know the basics of infection control, prioritization, delegation and basic skills, I think you'll pass.

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    I just pray whoever wins in this election to lead our country, that he will build hospitals, create jobs for Filipino nurses and help us to go abroad. Isn't that what we all want?