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    Quote from tvccrn
    I can't understand why someone would spend good money to get a degree from a college that doens't have accreditation for that degree. That's jsut not a smart thing to do. IMO, you should have done a bit more research before you went into debt. Good luck!
    THanks, I am not an idiot, the school assured us that the accreditation process would be "no problem, just take the NCLEX and pass, and the school will get its accreditation. that is how it works for all new schools" it sounded resonable at the time, and why would they lie to us, it is a school that has been around since the 60's. I should have done more research but without knowing exactly where the school was in the accreditation process there was really no way to forsee this.

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    I have to tell you as a student the program is terrible, bad teachers, the curriculum is being written the night before lecture, teachers are contradicting the textbook, and now the accreditation is not going to happen for a year or maybe more. I am graduating in MAy 2008 and my degree will be useless because the school wont get accreditation for now...I am going to an RN-BSN program, I have $50k in student loan debt and I was planning on working in May as an RN, but now I am taking out another $30k to get my bachelors so I can have a chance to pay back my loans and eat for the next 10 years or so.....