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    sorry, i have switched over to the congressional record. go find a little friend to play with, dear...

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    my husband says he'd just once like to hold hands without my taking his pulse, .....or.....tell me his back hurts without me asking him to rate the pain, decribe what makes it better/worse, and throwing ice packs on him while shoveling advil down his throat.

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    per the cdc, vets are more heavily colonized than human healthcare personnel, but are rarely infected or symptomatic.

    at this point, pandora is out of the box, and we can only hope that doctors, especially pediatric docs, have enough backbone to stop handing out antibiotics and slow the progression of yet more and "badder" resistant bacteria that may make mrsa look like a rhinovirus.

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    ..and how many people wearing scrubs are nurses?? around here, its also techs, vets, vet techs, day care workers, cna's, ma's..etc. they are also popular gardening gear here in the warmer months.

    if a new yorker is worried about germs, i can think of a bunch of demographics that i'd be more concerned about than health care professionals.

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    Quote from rn08futurecnm
    really? what evidence is there that indicates that a rn that passed the nclex on the first try will be a better nurse than a rn that took several attempts to pass?

    you could always do a retrograde analysis to find the answer, after defining your parameters and definitions...or you could look back to the question posed by the op.

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    gee, i don't know. how many tries did you need?

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    Quote from zashagalka
    i'm disgusted. this plan - it won't work; it'll cause the very problem it's supposed to avoid..

    *sigh* i'm afraid you are right on this, tim. which dingbat gets to sit in the oval office is almost a moot point around now.

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    Quote from rn08futurecnm
    you're comment is rude

    the day caring more about someone's tender "feelings" is more important than patient safety and quality of care is the day i retire.

    do you think you're a better nurse because you passed the nclex on the first try?

    yeah, well, that and having a 3.97 average, the clinical leadership award, and aggresively continuing my education (board certified in three, soon to be four areas) i make no apologies for busting my fanny to become and remain a good nurse.

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    Quote from rn08futurecnm
    see what you forget is that the nurse who passed on the "ninth try" still has rn after his/her name just like you do.
    that's very nice...and meaningless. has it changed their knowledge base or their ability to deal with highly stressful situations? at this point they have been out of nursing school for at least two years, losing their minimal skills.

    and "deemed competent" by the agency emplying them?? you are either joking or terribly sheltered. there are all sorts of agencies who would hire any primate with a pulse and "rn" after their name, give them no training, and turn them loose...

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    i'm not interested in being "in that person's shoes..". i am interested in the patient lying in the bed being cared for by miss or mr. passed-on-the-ninth-try, rn.

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    Quote from shelly304
    . but posting your disdain should not be grounds for being banned. wouldn't that be just childish on a professional nursing forum!
    totally---but people have been known to vanish from this site like political prisoners in the ussr.....*poof*.....and gone forever.

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    Quote from icyounurse
    if al gore had been elected, the country would be much better off............oh wait a minute, al gore was elected :wink2:

    keep that song in'll need it again in five weeks, with the new verses about racism and the overwhelming stupidity of the american electorate.

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    i can only applaud any means employed to increase knowledge in entry level programs. i continue to be taken aback by the shear number of threads about flunking the nclex multiple times! good grief!!! i graduated in 1991 and only one person in our class failed boards....and she wasn''t very bright or organized. what has happened that allows all these people to graduate without basic nursing knowledge??

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    i've posted the regulations for homecare at top of forum...please start reading if you plan to follow through with this position.[/quote]

    actually, many of us are running successful agencies without any input from you. cms is quite clear in their expectations, and i find your attitude to the op demeaning and unhelpful.

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    love the atomosphere on nights, but can't do it physically. nights literally almost killed me, but i'm a bed by 9 up at 5 sorta farmer's hours person. depends on your biological clock..