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    no, bush wasn't the best man for the job--just better than algore.

    mccain isn't the best either---just tons better than bo. its another lesser of the evils election...

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    Quote from Absolutely13
    I firmly believe people like yourself may be the root of what is wrong with America.
    Sir, you can express your opinions to your heart's content, and threaten to run away when ever you feel overwhelmed and out-debated..but frankly, it doesn't change a thing, on this board in IRL. Us crazy fairy tale believers are all over this great country, and we vote (and live) based on what happened to some crazy nomad from Ur thousands of years ago

    btw.....None of us will debate our faith with you, as it would sadly be describing colors to someone who is not only blind, but believes those seeing in color are deluded. I am not angry or frustrated with you, but I feel very sad for you and your cohorts...

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    Quote from cwazycwissyrn
    however just 2 days earlier harry reid was issuing this to mccain asking to participate
    the phrase you are looking for in regard to the msm and anyonewhoisn'tombama is

    "damned if you do, damned if you don't!"

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    Quote from valerie salva
    you are trying to compare apples and oranges.


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    Quote from zashagalka
    you miss the symbolism of this. it's a very presidential thing to do.

    it doesn't matter if you believe that or not. or, me. it matters if those in the middle believe that. why wouldn't they? this is what they are used to seeing their leaders do: show up.

    first thing i thought when i read the morning news. it's not a news flash how most of us here are going to vote, and we can banter to our hearts content.....but there are a lot of undecided folks still out there.

    given that we all see through our own prisms, it does strike me that to those not living and breathing this election...mccain looks like he is going to deal with grown-up problems in dc, while obama is left standing like the last kid picked for basketball.....alone. even my eco-friendly neighborhood lesbian asked this morning why obama is "ignoring" the fiancial crisis and worrying about a "silly debate".

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    ..unless they live in la, where we watch their every move and change of outfit and have magazines devoted exclusively to them.

    i don't hear any outrage against starlets' extravagance, as long as they host fund raisers for the dnc messiah de jour.
    now that's hypocritical...

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    Quote from thunderwolf
    taxes are taxes, tim....better afforded by the haves than the have nots....which governmental policies have contributed greatly in the big disparity. evening out that playing field....
    appreciate the insight, comrad marx! socialism has worked out so well over the years...

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    my alma mater (for my first degree, not nursing) is in baltimore, the college of notre dame of maryland. they have a bsn program and are affiliated with the catholic church.

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    i'll have to decline the kind invitation. not enough clonidine in the world to keep my bp wnl whist subject to that!! at this rate, i'll have to add tv and the internet to my list of "no-no's" along with salt, red meat, alcohol, fried foods...hardly seems worth living life....

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    stanley....some of what you listed is because of your ts! (not all, by any means)

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    this is one of the reasons i beg my diabetic patients to wear a medical alert bracelet. i have a young african-american pt, and i told him bluntly that if he passed out, police would be thinking drugs and alcohol, not diabetes...not fair, but sadly accurate.

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    we left out another young, one term governor who did fine for himself: teddy rosevelt

    (spelled wrong but i need coffee):imbar

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    ....people who complain about how they react to psychotropics ought not rag on others..hypocritical at least.

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    Quote from zozo
    also, wouldn't you want to understand what was going on if you were visiting a foreign country and needed care?

    yup..but these aren't "visitors"..