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  • Jul 8


    clorox bleach is for clothes. you use different bleach for hair.

    and clorox was never intended to be used as a douche or enema so you can feel "really clean down there".

  • Jul 30 '17

    i get quesy all too readily, but on nights it was too much caffeine--which i solved with cheeseburgers and fries. which explains the 29 lbs in two years!!

    i think some of us get sick stomachs when both overtired and overstressed..which may be god's way of telling us we're not good fits for nights.

    3-4 am is when i had the habit of charting nonsense..once i was charting and another employee was gossiping about a pt being trailer trash..

    i actually charted (half asleep) bs active x 4, pt passing trash