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    @VRC1: I did take the Grammar and Vocab sections. I studied for these from the HESI study guide and I feel that was a decent way to prepare. There were a few words that I had no idea on, and there were some questions where I knew the word but didn't like the options to choose from. Overall, working through the study guide and the practice tests seemed to be very good preparation for these sections. I thought the vocab was more difficult than the grammar. If you have a decent understanding of grammar and the English language, I believe you will be successful on the grammar part. I really believe the study guide was very beneficial in studying for these sections.

    @ Chizzy05: Okay, pretty much I had no idea what to expect or what I was doing when I went in to take the test. I was not supposed to have to take chemistry, physics, or critical thinking. Of those, only chemistry was on the screen with the exams I was supposed to take. The people in the testing center had no idea whether or not I should take it, so I did anyway. I really did not need to, but I decided not to take that chance at the time. I did notice someone commented before that it may be a good idea to take them incase other schools require different sections. I guess that is up to you.

    As far as the time: Four hours was plenty to complete the exam. I do not take tests quickly and I was worried. I decided to do the sections that I thought would be the longest first. Math took me over an hour, so I was very nervous about time after that. Reading comp took me probably about 45 minutes. The rest of the sections move quickly and I finished in about 3 hours without really rushing. I did not have to take critical thinking. There is a timer on the screen so you know where you stand timewise.

    I don't think there is way to go back once you answer a question, so know that once you submit your answer, that's your answer.

    Some things that I was nervous about: Do you have paper and pencils? The testing center provides you with dry erase markers and sheets to write on. If you fill them up, they will replace them with blank sheets.

    I was very nervous about the exam. I think not knowing what to expect was the worst. I don't mind answering questions to help ease the process for anyone else, so ask away. Good luck to all!!

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    I took the HESI A2 yesterday. Holy stress!! I was not supposed to have to take the chemistry portion, but it was on there . . . I was wearing soft ear plugs and had the testing center noise canceling headset on over them. After I saw the chemistry on the list I listened to my heart beat for 2 hours while I muddled through other sections. Chemistry is not my strength and I have not even thought about chem at all since I took it in college 10 years ago, and I got a 96, so if you have to take the chem . . . don't sweat it too bad, learn the real real basics. I didn't even read the chem part of the study guide!

    About A+P and Biology:
    A lot of people worry about the A+P . . . I really did not think it was bad. I have taken both sections of A+P and I had to retake the first half last semester due to a time requirement for the program I am applying to, and I think that helped. I also read the Cliff Notes A+P cover to cover. That book goes way more in depth than is covered on the HESI, but it was a really good review. Some of the stuff in the HESI study guide was helpful . . . and I'd be sure to understand the information listed there . . .

    I read Cliff Notes Biology too, and I'm glad I did. I thought the general BIO was a bit more challenging, and I'm glad I prepared for that section. The questions were fairly basic, and I was really wondering if plant biology, etc. would be covered. I would focus your studying around the sections specifically listed in the study guide . . . maybe go a bit more in depth if there are things there that you don't remember or understand.

    Now, a question for everyone. Why, on my score report, is the reading comprehension broken up into into 5 parts, and is each part considered individually? I got a 95 on the reading comp, but in the broken up sections I got a 100, 100, 92, and 75. What do those mean? Are they just telling you what percent of a particular type of question you answered correctly? And, do schools evaluate those separately, or do they consider the overall reading comp score??


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    ok . . . you got me there. I do truly want to education as an RN and feel it would help me volumes even as a paramedic. I do, in fact, look forward to the knowledge I will gain by furthering my education . . . so perhaps I used a bad choice of words. Let me try a new way. Is it possible, as a new grad RN and a firefighter/paramedic, to do both?? Has anyone done this? Any new grads that have worked as an RN only part-time or per diem?

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    I've been following threads on allnurses for a while but have not yet posted. I am a full time firefighter/paramedic, and would like to remain so as I pursue my education as a nurse. I also have a bachelor's degree in bio. What I have learned is that a rotating 24 schedule is great except if you want to take classes. I had thought about doing this one year paramedic to RN bridge program at Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester, MA . . . but it is 1 1/2 hrs from where I live, and meets 2-3 very long days a week, which would require me to get many many shift swaps for a year . . . which could be very challenging bordering on impossible. So I think excelsior is the answer. I would like to continue being a firefighter after I become an RN and work per diem or part time as an RN. Someone recently told me that many places only want to hire new grads as full time employees. Is this true?? Would it be a waste for me to persue my RN if I wasn't planning on jumping into a full time job right away?? Ultimately, I would like to further my education and get a master's and possibly even look into DNP. UMASS has programs that are part distance learning in both of these areas. I don't want to be spending time and money working toward an impossible reality. Anybody have any experience with this?? Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated.