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    curious as to where you find these rankings? i cant find them anywhere on the us news website

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    sorry to bring up an old thread but, who would be #1? and don't the air force have CRNA's too? or no?

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    thanks! you answered most of my questions but now i got a couple new ones for those that work in the LA/Socal areas
    1. is there a high turnover rate?
    2. how is the work environment?
    3. do you get to work with all types of cases or are there specific ones that CRNA's are not allowed to handle?

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    1. are crna's used at all hospitals in the orange county and los angeles areas?
    2. what is the average pay for crna's in these areas? and RN's also
    3. is the job opportunity good in these areas?

    i am thinking about becoming a crna but i dont want to leave the area and would like more info, thank you in advance