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    thanks for sharing your story. with an attitude like yours, you'll do great in nursing school!
    take care and good luck

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    Hey I am not sure if this the proper place to post this but here goes...I am in my second to last nursing (PN). We are required to take an ATI test and our score counts for 25% of our total grade in the class. Now my class is the first class that has had to ATI and it count towards our grade in class. Has anyone else done this? The class before ours all failed the first ATI test that they took. I am only allowed one chance from what I understand and it counts for a chunk of my grade. So I could use whatever info you all have about ATI testing! Thanks!:wink2:
    I would definitely recommend reading ALL of the ATI text that corresponds with the class you are taking the assessment in. If you're given practice assessments, do them and read all of the rationales to the answers, especially the wrong ones. I find that reading the rationales behind the wrong answers helps me to know exactly why they're wrong. Finally, read each question carefully, keep track of your timing, and RELAX! Good luck
    Any more questions, message me