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    Hi all,
    I was wondering if anyone knew of any good lecturerers? or good books for pharm. I feel like i learned nothing in my online class. I just started clinicals this semester and I am having a hard time. I have pharmacopeia 2010, which is helpful but how do you know which meds are the best. I feel uneducated if i ask my preceptor, is that crazy?

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    - That every family member "has" a doctor in the family who they can get on the phone in an instant
    - That no matter how many times you ask a pt if they have any pain and their response is No or 0/10... as soon as family walks in, they miraculously have pain that has never been tx-ed

    - That pts usually have chest pain 5 minutes before change of shift or have explosive diarrhea 5 minutes before change of shift


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    When I first started at my first job as a new grad, there was this nursing tech that had it in for me. My VS were always late, disappeared when I need a boost or to turn a pt, refused to do my noon vitals if I didn't tell her by 11am. I finally had it one day and had all this pent up anger that I finally snapped and asked Why are you always having an attitude with me? The response of course was, "Attitude? you haven't seen nothing yet" But honestly, after that episode, we had a great relationship and are constantly joking around and now she is always there when I need her. I guess she thought was the type that she could step all over on.

    Hopefully everything works out with you! Good luck.