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    it is all about weighing the risk benefit ratio for me and my family...Id rather atleast be doing something that has a guarunteed end in sight rather than risk my family's future doing only residency application process...the worst that can happen is that both worlds are open to me at the end or just one of the two... no there are no problems having the bsn recognized in usa, that part I have researched, there are already crna's ive come to learn who are practicing in usa based on first being a Bsn RN then they get licensed to work down south and after some time apply for crna just like the rest. my questions are all solved now though thanks

    About US residency, I would not be "going back" and completing would be my first I don't see the problem.

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    Actually, I have been a member of many IMG boards for over 4 years now and the most recent matches in USA for IMG's were 48%! That is amazing considering I DO have a highly competitive background outside of the MD degree itself (and high marks in that as well) Im not really scared off of either route at this point, they both look like very good options. I just dont want to waste my time with the silly Canadian system. And there is no problem to get TN permit/visa for USA as I will be a citizen shortly. Thanks for your input.

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    Hi everyone,

    I am a foreign medical graduate and by the time I complete my BscN I will be a Canadian Citizen officially. My question is after getting my BscN in Canada how can I go about becoming a CRNA in USA. Canada does not use CRNA's nor do they have any programs for teaching them. So I have to do that in USA. But would they accept a Canadian BSN graduate? If so what is the process after Bachelor of science in nursing degree?
    How much do they make roughly? Do they have any unwritten prefernce for males (Im a male so that's why I ask) Anyone Canadians done this route? I wonder would they hire a Canadian for the job or even admit them to training.
    Please, any help would be greatly appreciated!
    a step by step guide would be extra beenficial in helping me plan better what to anticipate and associated costs as well if anybody knows.

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    I laughed so hard when I read that hahaha....well said! It is so true unfortunetly a waste of my best years...but, maybe someone will see it as an asset God willing!
    For janfrn, The title was referring to practcing in the US, not sure if you noticed that, I should have been more clear perhaps.
    Im wondering basically of how to go about the path to working as a CRNA in USA after obtaining my BscN here. Good planning pays off, so it is good to start thinking about what the process would be in order to make the right choices along the way.
    Oh I wet back and re-read your reply...I should also have state dthat obviously I would have to also train in USA...Im just wondering has it been done and how with a canadian bscn.
    Ill ask in the crna forum thanks!

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    I was wondering how I could persure becoming a CRNA in USA ...Im starting the BSCN in dalhousie in september...waiting for final confirmation if it will be 2 yr fast track option (I am a permanent resident/landed immigrant) and was a physician in my previous country...still only 27 yrs old though, was a fresh graduate (GP) when I came to Canada to live with my wife here).

    What are the steps? Will the US hire a Candian CRNA when they may have enough of their own(not sure if they do)?

    I think this might be the only way to be in the same level of practice as I was before and in a similar financial level. Im a guy, I like the mix of boredom riskiness and excitement of the anesthesia whereas some people are worried about it.

    Anybody done it? Hows the pay, what are the steps?

    Thanks sincerly...just got a big family to care for and need to make the right go back to medicine will involve a lot of financial risk with the cost of the exams and relicensing and there is only a 6 % chance of getting a spot in residency at the end of it! not to mention atleatsa year of intense study or even more to brush up.

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    Thats an excellent suggestion, thank you very much Please feel free to send your response by PM.

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    Hello, I am trying ot do some research for a project and looking to find out how much nurses are making across Canada in various locations, settings and so forth.
    If you don't mind can you kindly answer the following questions?
    !) How many years of experience as a LICENSED nurse?
    2) How many hours per week do you work?
    3) What setting do you work in (hospital, home for the aged etc)
    4) How much do you earn monthly/yearly or hourly?
    5) What education and experience do you have?
    6)Are you male or female?
    7) Was it difficult to find employment? How long did it take?

    Please consider answering those questions so that I can conclude my research study and feel free to add anything else you think might be beneficial.

    Many thanks!