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    When I was in College, CHED already recommended the closure of several "mushroom" nursing schools in the country including which are the low passing rate schools. However, congressmen blocked the move because these "mushroom" schools are bribing lawmakers with millions just to keep their license and continue their operations. Such a very greedy act.
    So students who are taking up nursing, no one is stopping you. It is your right. However, I recommend that you choose your school and plan your education well. With the rising graduates of nursing schools, it is your rigorous education qualification who will help you achieve your dreams. Your foundation is essential in passing all the necessary requirement. Good luck to your plans.

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    Quote from 2b_usrn
    helluurr???? NCLEX covers medical surgical and dont just need memorization but memorization, application, analysis, math...and so many else!

    the NLE's coverage relied to "trends" that somehow gives clues to what most likely will come out.

    Nclex no doubt is harder but very very helpful for nurses' growth
    If you think NCLEX-RN is harder than the NLE then you are entitled to your own opinion. But this thread is all about experience. So maybe it would be wise to respect others opinion as well.
    AS far as my experience is concern, NLE is far the most difficult exam that I hurdled.

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    I understand your sentiments as nurses in the US. What I am pointing out here is that WE DON'T GET HIRED UNLESS WE ARE QUALIFIED.You set your own standard for us to be hired. Nurses from the Philippines who are good enough and passed the standards set by YOU will then be hired.
    Nurses in the Philippines including our nursing organizations are also rallying to keep our country's standards abreast. We are exhausting every possible ways and means to close schools who have way below the standard practices because we believe that the nursing profession is a noble profession. I share your sentiments about the denograting standard of nursing in the PHilippines. It is not our happiness to see such scenario because of the greedy nursing schools and corrupt government.
    That's the primary reason why your country has the SCREENING PROCESS. So as to filter rotten nurses from the good nurses. Why in the world did you hire a nurse unable to perform basic urinary catheterization? IT IS BECAUSE OF YOUR FLAWED SCREENING PROCESS (probably), it can also be because the person is a citizen of your country who just went back to the Philippines to take up nursing and went back to your country to practice. That is why we have the screening process to filter SAFE AND USAFE NURSING PRACTICEs. And it is your option to repatriate nurses back to their country if unable to perform the safest nursing practice possible.
    I respect your belief on the nursing shortage. But still, you are not in the position to stop recruitment drives. An more are still being recruited.
    ON salary, I'm speaking of an entry level salary and all nurses in the US entering the profession will have to start as an entry level. If nurses are experienced, then there will be appraisal. It is not really cheap to hire nurses from foreign land because an employer will have to shoulder thousands of dollars for the recruitment drive and other expenses. The US Dept of Labor is very keen on hiring nurses overseas so as not to affect the existing wage in the labor market.
    I believe that it is not our intention to stir or even fight with our counterparts in countries we chose to work. We get there to work and to advance our careers as most of you here would want for yourselves. We did not grab this once in a lifetime chance to emigrate to show that we are incompetent or to even degrade our esteem by doing unsafe nursing. After all we are just second class citizens in your country. We have to adjust with your culture and with the way you live.
    I firmly believe that no institution is perfect and the Philippines is one of those. NOT EVEN AN ALMOST PERFECT NATION LIKE YOURS WILL BEAR AN ALMOST PERFECT PEOPLE/NURSES.

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    Quote from high hopes
    I partly agree with you but we should also take into consideration about what the others said. Our government is part of the blame. why? because they failed to regulate the nursing schools in our country. They failed to close down poorly performing schools and prevented small new schools from opening a nursing program. True, Others discriminate us. why?because of the things we do. It's true that SOME filipino nurses are good. They provide excellent care to patients but we can't ignore the fact that there are also SOME who are only there for money and don't even have enough TLC to care for the patient. As the saying goes: One bad apple spoils the whole bunch and that's what's happening right now. The fault/defect of one will jeopardized the whole even if you're good, you will be labeled with the bad. Do you get what I mean? and That's the sad part.
    The government is really to be blamed about school regulation. But you a nurse is responsible with you own action. If you really studied well and did your part during your education then you will reap you success. You will have no difficulty getting jobs or even passing required examinations. Those who did not take nursing seriously will suffer the consequences and be left rotten and jobless.
    Thinking only for the money in nursing will never succeed. Even if you did well in your education. You will have problems with your patient, your co-workers, your employers and eventually will commit an error and loose your license. So who is to be blame? Blame yourself the most. IF you want to become a nurse so be it but it's up to you to take the risk.

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    Quote from Alexk49

    You are so confused, there is no nursing shortage in the USA. For the record, I know of any hospital where they are recruiting foreign nurses.
    Many of US trained nurses are having trouble finding jobs. No hospital I know of is pushing any immigration bills.

    Foreign nurses were not the answer to the last nursing shortage and it is not now. The crendentials you mention are for the most basic nursing credentials. The learning curve for an experience foreign trained nurse is very steep, many of the posts here are from new nurses with no clinical experience. The orientation that is needed is very expensive and takes away educational resources from the nurses working.

    Working as a Maid or caregiver does not help the nursing profession, it may get you out of your country for a short time but will not advance your nursing career. Nurses in the US and Canada have worked long and hard to promote Professional nursing, yet your countrymen denograte nursing by accepting low class positions which will require housecleaning and being treated like a servant.

    My understanding is that in Canada one has to pass a test to become a LPN, a BSN does not mean you are a LPN. If one is qualified to work as a RN why accept an LPN position? Why would a place recruit you unless they want cheap labor.

    As an American, how would you like it if I came and applied for jobs in your hospitals ?

    Sorry the situation is so horrible in your country but the US and Canade are not your golden parchute.

    MY last point, if my hospital had to recruit foreign trained nurses ( although I don't know of any) They would first recruit nurses from the Uk where the culture and lanuage is the same.
    You are more confused than t I. What I am saying here is backed up by research. Check on your government's department of labor site to be well informed that you are indeed having a nursing shortage. And why in the first place that hospitals are hiring nurses from foreign lands particularly the Philippines? That is because you need a Nurse to fill the gaps. And most of your nurses are already complaining of understaffing (again, check on researches and also ANA's campaign).

    All nurse will undergo a learning period/orientation before they are assigned to their areas. Even US educated RNs will have to undergo this before they deployment.

    You might be correct that these examinations are just basic examinations, but remember we passed 4 different screening types. If you are educated in the US, you only need to pass the NCLEX. What more if you pass the NCLEX, IELTS, CGFNS, ICHP. We read the same books and had the same training. I just want to emphasize that nurses from the Philippines are already good enough, trained enough and educated enough before they can even step onto your soil because of the rigorous screening.

    About cheap labor, I'm sorry but your labor department would not allow a petitioner to hire a nurse from overseas if they are not capable to pay at least the minimum wage of nurses in the US. In Canada, hired nurses are starting at $24 per hour and that's not cheap. We hold the same place and esteem like other US and Canadian counterpart.

    I have nothing against UK or Canadian nurse on emigrating to your country because we are on the same situation. They will undergo the same process like any other nurse emigrating to your country, no more, no less.

    I wouldn't even want to think that a hospital or a community health center in the Philippines will a hire a nurse like you.IN the Philippines, you have to be theoretically knowledgeable and resourceful because of the limited equipment and instruments. That's why nurses here a girl scouts. They can survive in the wilderness or wherever in the world into whatever setup maybe because we are exposed to the ideal and the not ideal nursing setups.

    About safe nursing, we will not compromise our hard earned licenses that's why we need to strive to be at par with the nurses in the country we chose to go.

    Emigrating to the US is a win-win solution for everybody. Filipino nurses will relieve the nursing shortage and in return have a stable and better way of living in the US.And I am sorry to say that you are not in the position to stop any recruitment because indeed, the US is a mixture of culture and mixture of races.

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    Quote from Rajiv
    I am an NCLEX applicant for New York State. The CGFNS had already forwarded my Credential Verification Service report for this state two months ago but until now I don't receive any notice yet from my board of nursing regarding my application. How many months or years would usually it takes for me to finally receive an authorization to test from Pearson Vue from the time the CVS report for NY has been submitted. Does anyone know or have some idea about it? Please help. Thank you.
    Contact New York State Education Department from 8:30 AM-4:00 PM ET. Get the Telephone number in their website. Ask the operator to transfer you the Nursing licensing Department. Ask about your file and what must be causing the delay. For me, I did not wait for the eligibility anymore. I contacted their office after two weeks and a lady said I am already eligible. I just asked her name for future reference. When I registered with pearson vue, NY made me eligble and pearson gave the ATT within 24 hours. Be proactive. Don't wait because it will take you long

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    It is true that your government does not owe us a visa/greencard. That's why most of us are patiently waiting for a visa to be issued and most of us cannot do anything about it. Your hospitals are pushing for immigration bills for foreign RNs because you have a shortage and you need foreigners to fill the gap. And we believe that we could not emigrate to your country without the proper documents and the necessary credentials and experience. And we believe that we are competent to accept the job because before we can step onto your soil we have to pass 4 screening types: CGFNS, ICHP, IELTS, NCLEX. And for that "glorified maid" label, most nurses will accept jobs from Canada for the purpose of emigrating. It's a starting point. Most "glorified maids" will have to take CRNE and apply as permanent residents in Canada. BSN would accept LPN jobs in Canada because they still have to pass the CRNE first before they can be issued license as RNs in Canada.If CRNE is just offered overseas, most if not all Filipino RNs bound to Canada would have been RNs. And of course, you cannot expect a foreign RN without passing the CRNE to work as an RN in Canada. That's the main reason why they have to accept LPN jobs first--to apply for CRNE. And if they fail trice, then they are repatriated because CRNE is a condition for their employment.

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    I took 4 different examinations. I took the June 2006 NLE, Retook the entire exam last June 2007, the CGFNS, then the NCLEX. Base on my experience June 2006 NLE is the most difficult, then June 2007 NLE, next is CGFNS then the NCLEX. You need to take the NLE for two days paper and pen type of exam. That's 500 questions. You will be taking that under time pressure and in hot and uncomfortable testing sites (shading your answer sheet using a pen out in an angry sun while wiping your perspiration). Questions are practical and sometimes subjective. And you have to wait for at least four months for the results (very stressful). For CGFNS, you will take the exam for about 4 hours paper and pen. Questions are theoretical. Exams are held in hotels. Results are mailed after at most 3 weeks. For the NCLEX-RN you will take your exam through a computer. You will have to sit in an ergonomics chair and airconditioned room. YOu also have the option of an earplug and when to take your break. You can have the luxury of time to answer the questions to at most 6 hours. If you are good enough then you stop at 75. Then you receive your results after 48 hours (quickresults). Most of the questions are situational and application (ideal setup).

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    I am a Philippine Nurse license to practice in New York. If you really would want to work in NY, then start your application as early as now. I know it's a tedious process but it will pay off. New York does issue your license after passing all the reqts. Since the process is tedious I recommend that you take CGFNS CP while undergoing CVS. In that way you can ask your employer to petition you (after passing CGFNS examination and IELTS). You can also start your visascreen after having the CGFNS certificate. You can also use the certificate for a limited permit. HOwever, I still recommend that you take your NCLEX before leaving. While waiting for the CVS you can take the mandatory courses like child abouse and the infection control and have your certificates handy. Start reviewing and prepare your Form 1 as well. From the time CGFNS submits your credentials to NY BON, submit your FORM 1 asap including your certifctes and payment then contact them after 2 weeks. You need not to wait for their correspondents. Just call them because having the letters will prolong your waiting period. IF the person advises you that you are eligible for pearson registration ask her name for future reference. Registered with pearson and take the NCLEX. REmeber, NY BONs ATT is good for 90 days only. So you should be preprared from the time you register with pearson. GOD BLESS YOUR PLANS.

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    The primary issue here is that why is there an oversupply of nurses in the Philippines. It's not about being the best nurse in the world or being a maid in another country. There is an oversupply of nurses because most Filipinos would want to escape poverty. And the only ticket that we know is taking up nursing to emigrate and leave Philippines. Before landing a job in the US or any other country, we have to pass several screening examinations (NCLEX, CGFNS, VISASCREEN, IELTS, TOEFL, TSE) not to mention series of interviews from prospective employers. We don't go on to your country by chance. It is because of our qualifications that we get hired. We get to have the job offer because we've passed the minimum requirement to get the job. We cannot force anyone to hire us. It is your government and your people who has the "say" on our immigration papers. It is "YOU" who will have to decide in the end. Our government would sign inter-governmental pacts to assist us in securing a stable and high earning job abroad. If we just have the means, we would not want to leave but we just have to because much would be relying on our remittances. The Filipino nurse, versatile and resilient would never enjoy being a second class citizen. Because for all we know there and there are still PEOPLE who will discriminate you in a foreign land. There will still be people who will QUESTION your integrity and qualification as a nurse. I think our government imbibe in us that belief that we are the ONE of the best nurses in the world because of our LONG TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE AND CARE not only to our patients but to the people we leave behind. Filipino nurses are everywhere. Adjusting to a different culture is already a big factor.We endure living away from our country, from the people we love, from our relatives because we had a choice. And we don't blame others for making that choice.

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    Another note:
    For JUNE 2006 PASSERS
    Believe in your dreams. NY BON will approve your CVS in a reasonable time as long as your education credentials is sufficient enough. Your license has nothing to do with their approval. AS long as your educational requirements is sufficient, you can get an approval from them. Just do the leg work and contact them every now and then. I have clarified this issue with them (including Dr. Barbara Zittel of NY BON and Dr. Lapinski of NYSED Comparative Education). If there are no updates or annoucements in the NYSED website, there's nothing official. Keep your hopes high. Don't believe on hearsays. Official statement on rules and regulations pertaining registration and application is posted in the NYSED website no more no less.

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    I am constantly reading this site during my application period. Because NY application is very long and tedious. I am a june 2006 passer. I passed CGFNS CP exam last march 2007. I applied for visa screen and CVS last dec.2006. I got my ielts last aug2007. I waived my Philippine license last March 2007 and took the entire Phil. Nurse LIcensure exam last June 2007. With GOD's grace I pass all the examinations. My CVS requirements were completed last Feb.2007. My CVS was issued to NY Oct 29, 2007 including the information that I am a CGFNS CP Certificate Holder. I forwarded form 1 last Nov. 28, 2007 to NY BON including all the necessary requirements. I received confirmation letter from them. I contacted BON last Jan.4,2008 for my elig. They said that I am already eligible and instructed me to register with Pearson vue. Registered with Pearson vue on Jan 7, 2008 and within 48hrs I got my ATT. Sched my exam on March 2008. ATT has 3 mos expiration with NY. You have to take NCLEX within 90 days. I advise you to do a follow-up. Contact NYSED and check your eligibility status every now and then.

    For my visascreen, since I revoked my license. I explained my case with CGFNS. I verified my new license number again with the professional regulations commission and asked them to attach a certificate of good standing with the new license (note: CGFNS know that I have a previous license because I took the CP). I wrote a personal letter to CGFNS and explained everything and attached my copy of my affidavit of waiver (when I revoked my 1st philippine license). After a few weeks I got certified. I'm waiting for my VisaScreen certifcate to be delivered. I'm so happy.
    And I got my notice of receipt from USCIS (txas service center). at last, I have something to look forward to. Anyway, I got my petition with one of the HHC hospital in Manhattan. Just keep praying. Everything will come in GOD's time.
    Thanks for the update! I love this site.