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    We do not co-bed. That way no confusion on anyones part

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    Big red flags!!!! There is nothing intimate or personal taking care of any patients in the hospital. Seems the jealousy thing is clouding his ability to make a decision. Do not, under any circumstances change your plans for him. Yes, four years is a long time, but to be jealous over a job??? The class thing can certainly be overcome. Study groups and tutors can help you get through any classes that are giving you a hard time. I say go for it!!!

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    rn-jane: I know you sent me the list, but it seems I deleted it. Could you possibly send it to me again? Thanks

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    Sounds like fun!!! Count me in , but I can't pm..please email me so I can add my info.

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    Hawkeye (boy)
    Rainbow Crabtree (girl)
    Indigo Moss (boy)
    Dirk Deong (boy)
    Lots of Neveah's
    River Shannon James (boy)
    Joaquin (boy)
    Delilah, (Sister was Lily, mother was Heather, grandmother was Rose.....)
    Zayden (boy)
    Mays (girl)
    DeCarolos (boy)
    Laike (boy)
    Mozie (girl)
    Darien Thaide (girl)
    Joseph Maria William (boy...yes it is Maria)
    Kyler (boy)
    Gannon (boy)
    Chantz Charles (boy)

    These are just over the last year...will have to think back a few years to see what I remember.

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    A very good friend of mine's name is Steelson..he says it is a german name. I must say that the "Miner"certainly adds a new twist to it.

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    I work 12 hour night shift and have to have my caffiene. I don't do coffee...strictly pepsi or diet pepsi. It really doesn't seem to bother me going to sleep though and am often times finishing one up as I am giving report.

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    We had a room at a hospital I used to work at that none of the crucifixes would stay on the wall. Shortly after being put back on the wall, they would come crashing back down. We tried several different nails, hooks etc to no avail. Never much cared for that room!!!!!!

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    How about "I got hit in the leg with a baseball 2 months ago, and thought I would come in with my friend (who was in because she vomited x1 a week ago).....This was at 2am on a Saturday night.

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    I am an instructor for the NRP at my local hospital. Use the CD. It is a great tool. Make the book your best friend until the test. Study the key points and do the practice questions. Keep in an instructor, we don't want you to fail. It doesn't do anyone any good if you are in a delivery and don't know what to do. Try not to get too stressed out over it and you'll do great.

    Good luck

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    Congrats....welcome to the real world!!!

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    I am also new. Glad to have you on board. Enjoy your retirement!!

  • 0 will be in my thoughts

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    I am new to Allnurses and have found it most insightful!!!! Working in L&D brings up many of these same things.

    If you come to the L&D floor thinking you are in labor, with the possibility someone will be near your nether regions...for god sake, WASH IT.

    EMS does not need to be called to bring you to the hospital because your sig other is at the bar, out with his other girlfriend, etc.

    You call EMS, only to have half of your family and friends arrive before you do.

    Labor is not easy, it is not my fault...I really had nothing to do with it.

    "I thought I would come and see if I was in labor because my friend is here having a baby and it would be great if they had the same birthday.." ( no contractions, no rupt of membranes, and 30 weeks pregnant)

    These are all I can think of right now, but I'm sure many more will come.