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    Quote from WindwardOahuRN
    It might be a good thing to ask them directly. You can call their nurse recruiter and just ask.
    Frankly, I've never heard of a hospital willing to train new grads that does NOT require a work commitment. Usually anywhere from 18 months to two years. It usually is a signed contract and there is a monetary penalty for not fulfilling the requirement.
    Why would a hospital spend all that money on training a new grad and expect nothing in return?
    very true and understandable. since i will be bound by contract to whatever hospital i am hired at, i just want to make sure that i will be going through a good new grad program.

    thanks for your response!

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    Hi, does anyone here know if Hawaii Medical Center West requires a work commitment for new grads? and for how long? Thanks!

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    Hi, can anyone comment on the Tacoma General new grad ICU program (Did you like it?, have you heard good things about the hopsital? etc...). Also, do they require a work commitment?


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    i'm local and got my license in october 2007 and have been unsuccessful in finding a job also. i've applied to many positions and called HR to follow up, but haven't had a single interview yet. people have reviewed my resume and said it looks fine, so i really don't know what the problem is. i really don't think there is a nursing shortage here in least not for new grads.