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    my pleasure...keep us posted on your decision & good luck!

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    Hi...OK...let me try to address all of your questions below;

    1.- The entrance exam is not difficult. If you're not too strong in Reading/Grammar...then just try to review the book you bought beforehand, because there was a short essay that had to be written on a subject they provided.

    2.-The program cost is $8500, not including $350 for books and lab well as whatever additional expenses you'll need for uniforms for clinical, a stethoscope, and fees when you graduate to sit for your boards. I financed my education 100% in student loans.

    3.-I am not working at this time, and dedicate an hour a night to study for quizzes- and a bit more to do well on the unit tests that are given every Monday in this section. Several people in my class are working part-time however, so it can be done. I will say, that most of them have cut back their hours during the first quarter of A&P to allow sufficient time to study. If you must work....I would suggest, cutting it back to only one or two days a week in the very beginning, until you get a feel for the pace, work, and your study routine.

    4.-We have only just finished the first book...and it was very easy to follow. There is also a study guide, and CD that come with the main A&P text whatever your learning style, they cover it pretty well.

    I really think that if this is something you want to do, then you should go for it. Like I said previously, there are others in our class who do not speak English as their first language, and they are doing great. I'm sure you'll do fine too! Good luck & I hope this helped.

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    Hi! I'm currently attending Dutches Boces in the LPN Full Time Adult Day program...and am just about done with A&P...I started there 1/22 and will graduate (if all continues to go well) in December.

    I'm not sure what info. you're looking for, but I can tell you that so far I'm really enjoying the program and the teachers are wonderful and helpful- at least this has been my experience. It is a very intense program...expect a quiz daily and Unit tests every week. The minimum passing average per section is a 75%.

    I would strongly suggest you call Mrs. Tursig in the LPN office. She is very helpful and I'm sure can answer all of your questions. You'll prob. get her voice mail when you call, but she's great about returning calls. When you say the "reading test", I'm not sure if you're referring to the entrance exam...but you will need to be sceduled for the exam. The test has reading, math and science on it...and you are allowed to come back & "retake" the math section if it gives you probs...but not the reading.
    I'd just suggest studying a GED book to brush up.
    Re: the fact that English isn't your first language...there is a lovely woman in my class who doesn't speak much English, and she is doing wonderfully! Again, please speak to an advisor at Boces about your concerns...but from a student perspective, I can highly recommend this school.

    Any more questions...please ask.

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    I'm not sure how I ever missed your reply to me here..but thanks so much for the info. I started Dutchess Boces on 1/22....and am just about finished with A&P now. Whew!!! Last unit test will be this coming Tuesday...and then I believe it's on to Nursing Concepts.

    The Math test you told me about is quickly approaching...3/10...and I've been spending my lunch hour with the Math teacher there to make sure I got it...I'm feeling pretty good about it now, so I hope I don't make any careless mistakes.
    Like your class....I've already seen quite a few people drop from ours...and I'm hoping a couple ppl that havent done so well on the tests, will manage to pull off a 75 average at the end of A&P.

    Anyway.....just wanted to thank you again- hope your class is going well also. And to the above poster...if you need any info from someone who just started....please let me know what you'd like to know.

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    Hi there! I know this is an older thread...but I just came across it as I was searching for Dutchess Boces. I will be starting school there in 2 weeks (Jan 22nd) & was wondering how you guys are finding things there? Is it very difficult? Any advice would be so appreciated. Thank you!!!

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    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I also have waited a long time to pursue my dream, and I start my LPN school Jan. 22nd!!! I guess we'll be seeing a lot of each other on here. Best of luck to us both!

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    Hi all! I've been "lurking" here for sometime reading all your great posts & soaking in all the valuable infomation. I figured it was about time to introduce myself since I was recently accepted into the Dutchess County Boces LPN program and start classes in 2 weeks.

    I'm wondering if anyone else here is starting the same program or has graduated from Boces? I'm so excited...and somewhat nervous (as it's taken me quite a long time to return to school). Any pointers/advice would be greatly appreciated, & let me apologize in advance for the flood of questions I'm sure I'll be posting in the very near future!