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    I'm in Nebraska, however, I did all my schooling in Oklahoma. My husband is in the Air Force, so we moved right after I got out of school in July. It took forever to get my transcripts approved by the board of nursing in NE, so now it's January and I've been out of school for 5 months and I finally tested today! I'm so worried I didn't pass. Is it true that most people who pass with 75 only got 50% of their questions correct? I had heard this, but didn't know if it was true. (?)

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    Hi everyone,

    Just looking for a little support here....I took the NCLEX-RN today and it shut off at 75. Of course I'm freaking out!!! When I took the LPN exam last year, I took 163 questions and passed. I felt like there was no way I passed today. I felt like I maybe got 20-30 questions right, if that! I had three dosage calculations and I know I honestly didn't get those right b/c that was one of my weak areas. Help!!!!