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    if it stopped in 75 u definately passed it coz me too a lot scared when the computer STOPPED in 75 with total of 14 SELECT ALL THAT APPLY questions. I was like out of control in the exam room and I hardly managed to come out. But thank god i passed.

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    Quote from RNHawaii34
    If you are a US permanent Resident, or American citizen, you can access their website at, then go to permanent license verification, type in your last name, if you passed the exam then your name and your license number will posted in their website. it took 5 days for me to find out that I name was on the website :-).the hardcopy license will come via regular mail later. goodluck :-)
    me too waiting for the result from california. i dont know how long it will take.heart is beating vigorously and pounding. oh my god save me.