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    Quote from SilentfadesRPA
    can you imagine if physicians did this kind of petty behaviors - maybe we should take along look and learn from them about professional relations
    haha! one of our surgeons wanted a QA written up on our HUC because there weren't enough blank progress notes papers in a chart.

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    Quote from walk6miles
    First of all, as a vegetarian, I must protest. The professor is obviously under the influence of embalming fluid....much too much time spent around that barrel of dead cats.

    Secondly, please tell me honestly what the heck are students expected to learn by fishing through decaying cat flesh? I never have figured out where to put that bit of learning in my 20 year old career. Do you think we can move these nursing schools out of the dark ages? A simple plastic replica (just like the heart or lungs demonstrated every day somewhere in an up to date lab) would be sooooo much simpler and lord knows we won't have to worry about finding aunt nellie's missing cat in the anatomy class!

    The class in which I studied A & P had tons of questions that should have been addressed - but oh, no, we were kept busy slicing. Gross. Vile and pathetic.

    Sorry, but simply knowing where the heart and lungs are in the body (which you wouldn't even need the plastic model for) does not give you insight in how they work together. One of the most awesome sights for me was to see the cow lung expand when I shot air into it. At that moment I really understood how the alveoli work, and what atelectasis is.

    I know where the engine in my car is, and I know where the transmission is, but I have no clue on how they work together.

    True, nurses are not doctors/surgeons, and I am not a mechanic, however, we need to fully understand how the systems of the body work together, how they are connected, in order to properly care for our patients.

    Dissection is part of A&P, and rightly so.


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    "The course includes a lab component, though lab is not a requirement for the nursing program to which I have been admitted."

    I'm sorry, but I cannot imagine a nursing program worth its salt that would not require a lab for A&P. It's just too important. IMHO


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    Quote from ruby vee
    guess i'm missing something. why is it "needless to say" that the girlfriend was nominated to make all the decisions for the patient? was the wife estranged or something?
    i'm guessing that the wife had no prior knowledge of the girlfriend, but the girlfriend probably knew he was married. so considering the anger level of the wife, her decisions regarding his healthcare may not have been in his best interest.

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    Wow, lots of bono picks, for me, not even a little bit. But that's OK, looks like I get Craig Ferguson all to myself

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    I am from Iowa, but am a nursing student in WA state. According to my mom, who desperately wants me to move back to Iowa, they do have a tuition reimbursment program. You do have to sign a contract and stay in the state for a number of years to qualify. I don't know the details.