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    I work in a high level aged care facility with 1 RN and 2 nursing assistants. 47 upstairs and 15 down in a dementia wing

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    Have you thought about going interstate?
    I'm in aged care and we can't get enough RN's.At present trying to operate with only 2 casuals on the books.I had been out of nursing for 20 years and walked into a position where I have been for the past 6 years.

    Originally posted by leeca
    At the moment l'm working for an agency but l'm getting very little work. l have sent off numerous resumes to nursing homes in the hope of getting part time or casual work.

    So far not much success, even had a resume sent back saying that they advertise their jobs in the paper. l'm constanatly reading the paper and l go online everyday to see whats available but still not much luck, as a lot of jobs are advertised internally at the hospitals or nursing homes.

    As l'm still on the outside the internal advertising is not much good to me, does anyone have any suggestions of other ways l can find work.

    Everyone goes on about how there is a nurse shortage, but still not able to get work.