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    I have been an LPN for 20 years and had numerous little business' on the side. I use to do 24 craft shows a year and loved every minute of it. However I work in a state where you have to work 1000 hours in 5 years to keep your licenses active. I got around that by doing Drug and Alcohol testing. Took a brief class (2 days) and became an independent contractor. I picked and chose my jobs to suit me. Now I am starting stain glass and work 2 double shifts in corrections. I know from past craft show experience their is a lot of money that can be made off jewerly. I myself use to buy a lot of Jewerly at craft shows and fairs. The good thing about craft shows and fairs is you can take your kids with you. You just pack it all up and go. You have a great time and make money and it will teach you a great way to sell and market your craft. You will be suprised the money that can be made in a day.

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    I do not work for PHS but they are in my area and I know they have a large turnover in nursung staff. They currently have an ad in the local newspaper for "Certified Medicine Aids" thats not a good sign.

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    I am courious how medication errors are handled in other county jails. I recently ran into a problem where an inmate had been given a double dose of his medication. When it happened the nurse came to me and explained how it happened as she is very new to jail work and was not aware how to report this incident. I called our adminstrator and called the doctor. We had the inmate brought into the medical departmnet for observation per the doctors order, filled out an incident report and charted on the inmate for 24 hours. the medication he received was an antidepressent. I later found out from a not so nice phone conversation with our ward clerk that I was to report this to the officer who brought the inmate to medical because she was to let the Captain of the jail know what happened. I only told the officer the inmate was to have his vital signs observed for 24 hours because of his medication and then would be returned to the housing unit. I work for a private contract company and did not feel it was my place to report this incident to anyone other than my adminstrator and the doctor and I did not feel it was anyones business this nurse had made a med. errror. Now I am on the .... list because I did not share every detail with this officer. Any advice on this? Was there a better way I could have handled this ?

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    Menopause, why us? I was so suprised to wake up one day and realize I was there. I am also fifty and when the hotflashes began I tried not to notice. I only took notice when I was not getting any sleep, and the anxiety was overwhelming. After some research into treatments that were helping other women who did not want to take hormone therapy I have found what seems to be my cure at present. I have been taking a mild antidepressent and anti-anxiety. The antidepressent I chose was Wellbutrin, very low side affects, sexual or otherwise, and 0.5 mg. of ativan. I am back to my old self. No anxiety, no hotflashes, sleep great. This does not mean I may not need some hormones later. I just wanted to try something else first. Plus I only take the ativan at night now. Hope this is helpful.