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    I hope everyone is having a great day !aside from that as you know i am searching for some advice.Just wondering what made yall want to become a nurse and what paths you took?

    Im young have a child and work.....CAN IT BE DONE?


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    You guys are one has taken the time to give me advice like that.

    Well here in Naples there is a 16 month lpn program it is very easy to get into and affordible.There is also the RN program at my local college.If i complete the LPN my credits rool over to the college and I must compete 1 more year for RN.

    It all sounds Very easy but i just can't get over 2 things...

    1- I might have to hurt ppl my performing diffrent procedures
    2- I am so afaid I wont like working at a hospital or a nursing home
    and the oods of getting a job at a clinic or and doc office are slim
    3- How nasty is nursing really

    any advice ,or info on wat each one does ,where they can get a job and how hard is it day to day?AND OFCORSE PAY?

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    Hey everyone,
    I am fasinated by ppl are increadible.Everything you go throgh to help someone else reminds me of what life is all about.The truth is i myself am a sucker for wanting to help and care for ppl.My intrest started when i got this job as a assistant at a podiatry practice.I loved the procedures and helping patients understan what was wrong and how we were going to fix it.Now To get to the point...That is a long jump to nursing.So i wanted some advice from the pros.What is the best way to start a nursing career .Should i do phlebotomy first or cna...MA or LPN .What is your advice?:spin: