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    Why not call your BON directly and ask them?

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    I echo all the difficulty tryig to get in touch with a medical recruiter and I live in San Diego, and work on the base literally down the street from their office. I am a civilian nurse working for the military and have 4 years of experience as a BSN with a specialty in psych (currently treating combat-related PTSD in Active Duty SMs). When I FINALLY met with the LT (who was impossible to get a hold of even with CAPTs, CDRs, and the NC PRogram Manager in Millington trying to help), we sat down and he was really excited that I was looking to continue on in psych with the Navy. Right. That died quickly. It has been next to imposible to get in touch with him, and I really do not want my whole package to be delayed because of one LT. I've heard too many horror stories of people starting earlier and their kits not even making it to boards. I'm starting to feel like a stalker at this point but am one week away from taking it up the chain or contacting LA's NRD and seeing if they'll be more responsive to my needs. Any suggestions on unresponsive recruiters is VERY welcomed. My boyfriend is a 22 year retired Marine with significant recruiting experience under his belt and he's shocked as well. I work for the Navy - I know how badly we need good AD nurses. Disappointing to see the access being held up at the lowest level...

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    I moved to San Diego from Chicago in January after working in behavioral health for nine months. It was my first nursing job. I have been searching for a job here since January to no avail. I could kick myself every time I think about how I HAD a job in Chicago, and I left it only to find that I do not qualify for 90% of the jobs out here because I didn't complete a full year on the unit. What's worse is that I was working 60-70 hours/week which basically means I DID complete a full year. My fiance got his orders to report to SD and I left my position. Now I find that there is NOTHING down here for someone with under a year of experience. Something needs to be done if they are going to keep churning out record-breaking numbers of graduates from various nursing programs in this state! A 65% increase in number of new nurses is nothing to boast about when your facilities cannot afford to hire ANY of them. Bottom line, I'm scared now. My bank account is dwindling, patience is wearing thin, and skills are growing rusty. Not to mention, how scary to be a patient in this state knowing your nurse is putting in ridiculous overtime with dangerous nurseatient ratios!! Certainly not MY first choice for the person calculating my drug doses...