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    Quote from azrael527
    hi borik1234., thanks but I am also from the Philippines and I took my nursing here. I just graduated last March actually, so I do not have any experience as a nurse yet. Do you also plan to take the CRNE?
    hi azrael527! im a new grad from philippines too, batch 2006. im planning to take crne this feb. ur so lucky CNO allowed u to write the exam without taking a refresher course. how did u apply btw? did u apply while u were in philippines? pm me pls.

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    Quote from soundbites21
    whoa... i can totally relate/understand what you're going through right now, as i (almost) underwent the exact same thing..

    Well, based from my own experience, i guess the first thing you have to do is buy the current prep guide by the CNA. It helped me alot, as it lays the basic foundation of the type of questions of the crne. If you have the money, buy the mosby reviewer as well..well if you don't have the money, try borrowing. just get it, you need as much help as you can get. for me, money right now is the least of your problems.. as you are very near the finish line already.

    it also helps if you have a support system. in my case, i called up a few contacts of my mom, and luckily i found an ER nurse who volunteers to teach filipino immigrants taking the CRNE like me. it's nice to know you're not the only one out there feeling anxious and crazy...and also it's really nice to hear feedback, and the support they gave me is priceless.

    if you can afford to, quit your job (if you have one). the added stress of having a job while studying wont help at all. for these coming months, just focus on the crne alone. also, study in the library. disregard this one if you have a quiet study place at home... i didnt have one, and in hindsight, studying in a library (away from computers and landlines,etc..) helped alot as well. Make a day off every week for yourself. Study when you aren't doing anything. buy one of those RNotes (the ticklers with alot of nursing stuff in them) so you can read normal values while riding buses and trains.

    Well, i dont think you need to go to a prep class.. because for one thing, the prices are ridiculous (i think the lowest here in bc is 80 per hour).and i didnt take the online readiness test as well... but if you dont want to take any chances, then go ahead and do it. Im just saying that i didnt took them.. and i passed. And i wasn't a straight A student when i was in college.. lol, more like straight C's :spin:.. but i still made it. So from what i understand in your message (you already took the NCLEX), I think you're brainier than me... hehe

    And of course, the most important thing, is pray. Pray alot. I cannot emphasize this enough.. do your part, and if it is your time to pass, you will pass. if not, then we can only do so much...Keep in mind that everything happens for a reason. Do not lose focus now that you're nearly there. Good luck!
    THANKS so much for the info! u really helped me a lot! did u find the exam hard? im sooo anxious.. yeah, prayers really helpful. pls pray for me!

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    Quote from borik1234
    hi nursejen,,just concentrate the CNA prep guide and mosby nclex-rn,,,gudluck,,
    actually i bought those 2 books.. do u think these review materials are enough materials to pass?

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    Quote from pisceanbabe74
    Hi nursejen, how long did you took that required courses?
    i started last september and im doing my consolidation this january. i think it varies though, depends on what CNO tells u.

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    Quote from borik1234
    CNO assessed you already?did you the finished the 11 elements before you take the CRNE?gudluck
    yup. i got my papers assessed last october 2006. i already finished the required courses by CNO, just last week. anyway, now im concentrating on my review. any tips on what to study?

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    Hi everyone! Im planning to take CRNE on feb 2008. im a new grad from philippines and i just moved here in ontario a few months ago. i took nclex last march but people said that its very different from CRNE. do u have any tips on what review materials to study? is self-study sufficient enough to pass or do i need to take a prep class? theres only a few weeks left and im soooo nervous. pls help! thanks!