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    hey everybody..I just logged on today and my account said the last time I visited was MARCH 3,2003 :uhoh21:

    holy cow! Its been a long time!!

    I have a lot of catching up to do!

    So much has happened to me in the last 2 years!!!

    i hope brian will let me become a premium

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    Originally posted by LasVegasRN
    Oh no. Have no regrets for being the lady that you are. Hopefully people will learn what it is to be one from your example.
    you know what? I consider myself to be a fine lady. I am entitled to my opionion. I dont deserved to be "bashed" by you.

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    Originally posted by bagladyrn
    Remember too that the same people who will have a fit over having an injection or having an i.v. started are often the same ones who will voluntarily have their tongue, navel, or other parts of their anatomy pierced!
    That is so true!! I had a pt w/ a stud in each eyebrow and he asked me if the inj was gonna hurt........

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    I'm in my med surg rotation and all we do is give heparin and lovenox sub Q.... its great! right in the belly....dont aspirate!

    I feel like a pro! well ..... with sq inj-- we havent tackled iv's yet.

    good luck-- you will do fine.. Plus dont worry about it so soon!

    enjoy your summer


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    Originally posted by caroladybelle

    As a matter of information, after studying the issue of FGM - it is NOT a religious matter. There are no statutes in any major religion that advocate FGM as part of religious life. It has been found to be purely a cultural matter.

    While it has been long associated with Islam, there is nothing in religious law mandating it. It occurs predominately in North Africa, the Middle East , SE Europe. It occurs among Christians (generally Coptic), Muslims, and many Animistic religions. It is generally used to insure female purity.

    Thank you - we will return to the discussion at large.
    jeeze.....lighten up

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    ty for the onfo, Fab

    very informative

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    I agree with the question why bring the child to the hospital if the parents refuse life saving treatments.

    I think that the people who do not believe in blood products shouldnt be "looked down apon" because their beliefs are soo deeply rooted

    Maybe they brought the child to the hospital hoping for an alternative soultions? What about those religions where the members dont believe in medical tx at all?

    Its heart breaking to watch someone die and know that you can save them....

    But are you REALLY saving them??

    We are all entiltle to live our lives the way we see fit and raise our children accordingly....... who are we to tell these people that they are making a mistake by not infusing blood products into their child?

    As a healthcare worker, there are alot or religious acts that I dont understand but we shouldn't look down on these people because we dont understand.

    maybe taking the time to talk to the parents and LEARN WHY they dont accept bld prods instead of assuming they dont care about their childs health....

    We may not agree with other peoples decisions, but in the long run....its not OUR consious we have to live with

    its theirs (hopefully i didnt sound too preachy....huh?)


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    Some dr.s may not know about the common sites of referred abdominal pain.....

    For ex: pain in your left shoulders can signify pancreatitis and in the right can suggest some liver malfunctions...
    Its really interesting, it all has to with the position of the organs during fetal growth...................

    sorry you had so much pain

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    jenn- i think u should do it! Why not? If all the books are available go for it (I wish I would have thought of that last

    good luck, girl!
    YOU ARE A SUPASTAH!!!!!!!!

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    hey all,

    i am in need of the best nursing diagnosis book(if there is such a thing). i have purchased 2 and they do not help me with my care plans.

    what im looking for is risk factors, etiology, related to, ect.ect.

    if anyone has any suggestions, i would greatly appreciate it!
    (i have looked at so many, my eyes are crossing)

    ty in advance


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    I work with mentally challenged adults in a residential home. It great b/c i study at night when the guys are asleep .

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    i am so amazed.

    A FEW (dont want to gereralize in fear that It will start a riot) of you managed to take one simple little question and turn it into someting so silly it's pathetic. When I first found this site, I began to read some of the threads and I was impressed with the sincerity of it members (oops there i go gereralizing again...owww smack on the hand!) I understand that this is a tight nit community- and apparently dont take kindly to strangers who connont seem to post questions in the manner you would like. Damn that freedom of speech! any who, thanks to all who took a moment to respond to my thread- that wasnt tooo generalizing . was it?

    darn alcohol..............

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    well obnurse

    i hope you had a few to calm your nerves-- jeez this is supposed to be an open forum to discuss things about nursing or other related topics. once again IM NEW HERE-- I DIDNT KNOW YOU COULD LOOK UP PAST THREADS. have all the cyber drinks you need to relax- my question was honest and sincere and i dont consider myself riff-raff. i am a nursing student just trying to get advice from "nurses with experience" apparently you guys dont have any respect for new members or their questions

    sorry i cause so many of you to drown you sorrows in BOOZE

    (whats wrong with u people?)

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    thanks so much for the insight. See our instructors assign us our client and our nurse. I just assumed that they know we are coming. I can understand the fact that you may have a student who is "all thumbs, or whatever" and you may be held responsible for whatever happens, but we too are put in an unfamiliar situation and have to make the best of it w/o 'making any mistakes and on top of that, to have an overbearing, disgruntled, self centered nurse, treat you like you are an inconvience is truley unfair and unprofessional.

    I'm not trying to put people in catagories by anymeans (b/c i hate being catagorized ) I just didnt understand why SOME nurses act that way towards students

    thanks to all that replied


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    thanks catherine....

    I dont really let it get to me. But it makes the day sooooo tough to get through. I know that when i grad and if i ever get the opportunity and pleasure to work with students, I will never act that way. It makes no sense!

    So if there are any nurses out there that are reading this...........

    be nicer to the students.......we will be the ones taking care of YOU!