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    I am in the FL IPN program with monthly UDS etc. I have Asthma but right now am financially unable to visit a Dr for an inhaler - I usually use a Combivent once a day and have a rescue breather available. I can feel the asthma starting to kick up, and wondered if I could use Primatene Mist until I can get to a Dr...anyone know if it causes false positives on urine drug screens...I sure do not want to mess up anything. Thanx.

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    Thank you nurseboudin for your reply. It was very informative and reassuring. Thanks again.

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    I am a participant in Intervention Program for nurses in Florida and have been released to return to work. I have restrictions for passing and counting narcotic medications and am fine with all they have required of me. I am so thankful for their help with my addiction. My question is now that I can return to work, what and how can I get a job and what suggestions do you have on where to apply. Thank you for any suggestions.