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    Hi, just signed up with all of you. I really enjoy this site. I am starting my 2nd semester of RN school in Jan. Peds, OB and Med surg. So far so good Made all B's in my classes this time. I am married and have 2 daughters one is 6 and one is 21! I also have a grandbaby!!My husband and I love to hunt and ride horses. I hope everyone has a Great Christmas and a Happy New Year!! :Santa5:Then back to the books!!

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    HI, I am a new member. Just signed up today. A friend told me about this and it is great!! I am about to start my second semester of RN school. Peds/OB and Med surg. I am married and have 2 girls. Love to ride horses and deerhunt. I am excited about getting my degree and going to work!!!!