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    In what way would having unlicensed personnel ACLS-certified benefit patients? I'm not being rude, just curious why you would do this, and to what end? You can't assist in a code more than you already do.

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    Quote from GilaRN
    Well, first you need to understand the facts. People are not retiring from nursing. The shortage is not because the old geezers are buying the farm in masse or retiring in number to buy a RV and tour the USA for their few remaining years. The nursing shortage is not actually a shortage. There are more than enough nurses; however, many nurses graduate, get their butt handed to them every day for a year or two, and run away from nursing never to come back. This is a scary reality that you will face if you manage to graduate and pass the NCLEX.

    I will refrain from the flame throwing and ritual witch hunting that we nurses are world famous for doing. However, I will say, you need to have some real experience and facts to back up your claims before spouting off. Come back in a few years when the smell of similac is no longer on your breath and see how you feel about this topic.
    Ugh, What a sad, sniping reply. The OP wasnt attacking anyone. Can't we all just get along?

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    Quote from RNJim22
    Ah to be 23 again and have answers to life's questions.......I long for those days. It reminds me of the time I called a friend to ask her if I could borrow her mountain bike to go trail riding because I didn't want to scuff up my new Cannondale I had just bought the week before. She was dumbfounded at my request. It seemed like a good idea at the time...just like saving nursing spots for young entitled folks instead of worn out old folks. I love the adventures of life!!!

    "There is more to life than increasing its speed." - Ghandi

    Thanks for listening :typing
    Hmm. That's a great story... but no one said they had the 'answers to life's questions'. Young people are just trying to make it through life like older people are... we're not stupid.

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    Sheesh... people need to let up on this person. She simply made a statement/asked a question. Most of you reacted by attacking her and becoming extremely defensive, instead of responding in a mature and educational manner. I see your responses about '50 year olds running circles around 25 year olds'- okay, okay! We hear that most older nurses are still doing well and feel they can whomp some young nurse butt... but is that what it's about?
    I have asked this very same question of some older nurses I work with- and actually gotten a decent, honest answer. I've never been attacked by anyone. And I think we're talking about 2 different things here... older nurses who have been nurses a long time, or older nurses who have been nursing a relatively short time. Everyone starts out the same way- just because one is older doesn't mean they are (or should be) more confident or knowledgeable. The snide comments are just childish.
    Furthermore, the word older is simply that- a word. Why oh why does everyone have to take offense to it?! I am 24, anyone who is older than me is 'older'! Simple math. It's not done to offend anyone, and if it does, I'm awfully sorry that you're that sensitive. I'm going to gag if one more person calls that 'ageism'.

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    Quote from s8ntollie
    I have worked as an LPN in a family practice physician's office for two years. There are three family practice Drs and six nurses. In the clinic I am affiliated with MA's, CMA's, LPN's and RN's are all paid the same wage and have the same duties.
    Everyone is paid the same wage? Wow.

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    Scary to think that unlicensed personnel have anything to do with narc counts...

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    Quote from ilstu99
    I would guess because nursing relies quite a lot on honesty, integrity and accountability. While smoking a joint every now and then really isn't a huge deal (in my opinion), it IS against the law, and tends to reflect a perceived "flaw" in that someone would be willing to break the law when it suits their personal need/want.
    I drive fast- sometimes reeeaaallly fast.
    Speeding is illegal, and I am willing to break the law when it suits my personal needs in regard to the speed limit. Should I then be suspended from work when I get a speeding ticket, simply because I have that disregard for authority?
    (ilstu99- I'm not jumping on you, just making a point- I think a lot of people feel the same way as what you posted.)

    Basically, who really cares what people do on their days off? Although, I suppose you don't know based on a drug test whether they are high right now while participating in patient care. The same goes for alcohol- some alcoholics could be drunk and you wouldn't even know.
    I don't have a good answer...

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    I am a big believer in personal responsiblility. I find it ridiculous to consider addiction a 'mental illness'. You choose what you put in your body- end of story. I just see it in a very black and white way, and I have zero sympathy for drug users. As far as those who choose addiction and are nurses, or then become nurses, I really can't say. I think each person's situation is so individual that you can't put a yes/no answer to that. I don't think anyone has a perfect answer.

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    For instance, I'm calling about 3209, 74 yo admitted today for chest pain, her BP was in the 140s/80s and was just retaken at 190/110, rechecked manually at 192/90, she's had blah blah blah meds tonight, c/o HA and has hx of uncontrolled HTN... how about some hydralazine or lopressor IVP?

    Puhhhlease and thank you!

    That's just sort of how I work out what I'm going to say to the physician before I call. It helps organize your thoughts. I like to be in front of the chart and the computer with all the pt's info pulled up as well.

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    Quote from racing-mom4
    The other night I had a pt with a CVA, her sister didnt want to hold her hand, I told her pt could hold hands and seemed to enjoy it, sister told me "I dont want to catch what she has". I then explained what a CVA was, in great detail, sister looked me right in the eye and said "at my age I cant risk catching it"....went right over her head.
    Is this person of child-bearing age?
    Why can't they require a license to have children?

    I have so many questions.:stone

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    For 20+ years I had a stuffed Hello Kitty that played Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. It was given to me by my dad when I came home from the hospital, and I haven't seen him in 15 years. Once when we had a carbon monoxide leak we had to stay in a hotel for a week and I took her with me. Somehow during the day she was removed from the room.
    Still makes me sad. :stone
    But I like to think some kind soul like yourself found her dirty battered kitty self and took her in.
    Thanks for the story. You're a nice person.

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    So as far as #3... If pt A needs 0.2mg clonidine and there's none in the box... pt B has an extra dose and I give that to pt B. All our meds are barcoded and individually packaged... no names on them at all- also, I always use the 5 rights and all that jazz.

    Why is that a problem?

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    I am not a crier or a sap. I have been crying for 20 minutes.
    I don't even know what to say, except that I hope that man and his baby have the best life possible.
    I need to hug my mom now.

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    I would wager that "heaven" being commonly associated with 'up' has something to do with it. Lots of metabolic and chemical processes going on, a dying person's need to feel that there is something of an after life... lots of reasons. Interesting question, but I don't think anecdotal experiences (as many as there may be) prove that any such place exists.

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    I enjoyed reading this thread. I love learning more about different cultures/religions. Thanks, everyone!