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    Quote from pagandeva2000
    Just used the on-line order form. I have a question. I ordered them for myself, to be sent to my address because there is no guarantee that I would receive it at the work place. Our hospital is famous for losing mail for months at a time. Will the CDC take issue with that? Thanks again.
    I've had resources delivered to both home and work in the past without any problem (except they can be slow at times).

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    Try this site: CDC - Tuberculosis (TB)
    I have gotten several from there and it is also a great site for TB teaching resources.

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    You did the right thing. You've got to act on your instincts. It probably wouldn't get any better. It would be another day/another situation/family/administrator. Don't look back. You will feel tons lighter without all that responsibility.

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    I am so pleased to read your approach to this issue. The insight and nursing experiences that you and so many other of the frequent posters contribute would be such a loss to the bulletin board and those who do not have your knowledge or experience.

    Please hang in there.