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    23. Finishing MSN in 6 months.

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    We are looking for a Trauma Center using computerized documentation for traumas. We would like to do a site visit to see how it is working for you. Specifically we would like a center using Cerner's FirstNet.

    Please let me know if your facility is using this software.

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    Thanks for your reply.
    This can really help.

    Followup question.
    How are those with electronic medical records handling this requirement?

    Our administration wants us to keep the FACES scale on our paper record so that when we utilize this scale we show it to the patient and they select the appropriate face.

    When we implement electronic records in the next few months we will not have the ability to take our patients to our computers to show them this scale.

    Is it acceptable to have a reference card with this scale, or a poster in each room?

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    Our administration is telling us that we are required to include the images associated with the FACES scale on our paper documentation per JCAHO. Does anyone have a reference or citation for this?
    We cannot locate one and would like to remove it from our charts to save space.


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    Studying for the CEN and trying to make a list of the signs and triads and other various assessment compilations there are. Any help or previously made lists would be a significant help!


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    December 17= last final & 21st Birthday.

    My husband is taking me out for Sushi and then I will sleep for several days. I've been planning this for a long time...
    Sigh. Sleep sounds so nice.

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    I agree with your statements. You should be happy that people are not going to be allowed into a career that they don't care about. There are some people I wish would be weeded out of my program, not because their grades are bad, but because they don't care. Somehow, they care enough to get passing grades though...
    It seems that you are very passionate about nursing and these people are not. It is your instructors responsibility to educate effective and high-quality nurses, so naturally those who don't meet the "grade" get "cut".
    That's how it should be.

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    I hear you, it seems like every semester has it's little devils.
    But the bright side is we are almost done! Yay! It does all feel like busy work now. Could that be because we can see what is important and what is not? Just keep your life balanced, because if you pass with all "A's" but have a nervous breakdown, what's the point?