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  • Dec 1 '07

    I am a new nurse. I have 18 months long term and sub-acute experience. I have found resigning is almost impossible. When you try they say you're fired. 4 jobs in 18 months, and I am about to start again. I may not have been the best nurse at first, but as a RN student, we were trained as hospital nurses, but I could not get a job in a hospital, primarily, I think because I am over fifty. I am now an excellent nurse, even my DON who I stayed with for 10 months said I was an excellent nurse. But after working 2 shifts, and as supervisor I did not write my assesment on a patient I sent to the hospital. I went back in and the administer wanted to suspend me (oh, and my husband was getting his first dose of chemo for lung cancer that morning). My DON was upset that I would not take a suspension. I have found that LPN's are very jealous of RN, but hey, they could get their RN's if money is an issue to them, but instead the lie and backstab. My life was even threatened by an LPN unit manager because I made more than her. I think she should have been terminated immediately, and that is why I would not accept a suspension, I did not want to work under those circumstances. This same LPN went around and did things the doc's did not order even after she was told by them not to. Med errors abound, no one seems to care. I was told by my favorite super that narrative nn's are illegal...NOT. When I pointed errors out I was told that it was because those nurses have been nurses for SO many years. Wrong is wrong were I come form. The real shame is that I love my residents and protect them. I actually give all my meds, and correctly. I could write volumes on this and more, but to cut to the chase, nursing is very political. I am not giving up, most facilities understand the politics of nursing. I love nusing, I put patient saftey before paper work which I do anyway 99.9% of the time. I am looking for answers. If nursing is not about the patient it is not nursing. Anyone who can help solve our confusion, PLEASE help. Nursing shortage, Nah. I have seen really good nuses fired for reasons I cannot comprehend, and REALLY, REALLY bad nurses allowed to continue to keep making unsafe errors. WHY?